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For those of you that know us, you will know that we are huge, yes HUGE fans of the sport, luxe trend! Who'd ever thought that it would be acceptable to get away with wearing your sports clothes - ALL the time? They're comfy, stylish and we LOVE them!

We came across this image on pinterest and fell in love with the styling! So, we decided to recreate the look with some of our fabulous brands so that you too can 'werk' the sport, luxe look in style!

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Pictured above (left to right): Molo bomber jacket, Loud Apparel tee, Agatha Cub cap, Nike slides, Loud Apparel shorts, Molo socks. (Loud Apparel and Agatha Cub can be bought in the UK from kids' sales agent The Feather Kids)

Molo are known for their fab jackets as they are pop, pop, popping! This one in metallic is beyond fabulous and we can't wait for the one we ordered to arrive!

If you're looking for simple yet edgy pieces then Loud Apparel is the brand for you! Italian designer Serena is known for her creative designs and season after season she delivers!

Laugh all you want about socks and slides but this is a trend that is on point for the season! However, if you're not a fan, simply add a pair of Nike airs max trainers in black.

Top it off with a printed cap from LA brand Agatha Cub and you're good to go!! We want to see you 'werkin' those pavements like they were a runway! No excuses guys n gals!

Is this a look that you'll be investing in?

<3 Alegre Media xox

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