The Big Festival

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Ever wanted to attend a weekend festival with all of the family? Well, your wishes have come true as the naked chef aka Mr Jamie Oliver and his buddy Alex James are hosting The Big Festival at Alex's farm in the Cotswolds!

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Whilst the kiddies get involved in the workshops, you can relax and unwind! Whether that be listening to the music acts, watching the cooking demonstrations, browsing the stalls or getting involved in the questions and answers sessions! The camp site is your oyster and you are FREE to do whatever you like!

Is that a winning deal or what?

If camping's not quite your thang, DO NOT PANIC! The Big Festival invites you to come for the day, camp for the weekend or live it up on the glamping site. Cushty or what? That way, everyone is happy and there are no (major) dramas! As lets be honest, that's the last thing you want on a family weekend away!

Wooo wooo fun for the ALL the family! For more information visit The Big Festivals official website below at:

Get involved guys n gals for what sounds like a fab weekend!

<3 Alegre xox

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