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Hello everyone! Joining us on the show are two wonderful women who have been unbelievably supportive to us since we met them over two and half years ago. Sarah and Danielle first set up blog Mind The Cashmere before venturing in to the world of E-Zines! They launched The Little Revolution Magazine in October 2014 and have achieved so much in such a short space of time!

We absolutely love working with these ladies and we are so excited to have them joining us! So, enough gassing from us – let’s to it!

Ladies, thank you so much for joining us on the show! It’s so lovely to see you as always and what a blast we had the other week!

Let’s start off by you both telling us a little bit about yourselves and your background…

Hello everyone!

D: I started doing photography with children once my son was born, but before that I was working with musicians and doing a lot of gig photography etc. I got into family portrait photography and then eventually the road led me to working with child models needing head shots, and then a whole new world of children’s fashion photography opened up for me and I thought it was just amazing!

S: My background is heavily Marketing, Finance, Event Organisation & Administration based. Within various sectors such as Sports Supplement distribution across Europe, Travel & Tourism and the voluntary sector. Funnily enough never touching the Fashion industry until 2013 and from then I haven't looked back!

And aren’t we glad that you haven’t! So, how did you two meet and start working together?

D: We met when Sarah booked me in for a photoshoot and we just got chatting….. and then she never left me alone… JOKING! ;)

S: Both of my children model and they were the reason I met Danielle and from this point the most unlikely events took place; first launching a fashion blog together and it was a bumpy ride but so much fun that it has evolved into a new & exciting business. Who knew any of this was possible but here we are! Still together and haven't killed each other yet either;)

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That’s the whole fun about it though isn’t it? As you said, you’re going to get bumps along the way but blimmey look what you’ve achieved so far! So, what led you to starting an online magazine?

D: We wanted to bring something fresh and slick to the UK children’s fashion industry! We want to give other photographers and fashion enthusiasts like ourselves a platform to showcase their ideas and have fun with it!

S: There was only so much the blog allowed us to do and we wanted to do more. There was a huge a gap for a UK based kids fashion magazine and we took a leap! Our first issue launched on 1st November 2014 and the response was fantastic, more than we could ever have hoped for and we love every issue! We are passionate about the content, collaborations, submissions and the reader feedback!

We love your passion! It’s infectious and that’s why we enjoy working with you so much! Why online?

S: Besides being a gifted photographer Danielle is also a 'techy geek!' She decided to trial some magazine ideas herself and 'voila' a new e-mag was born! It’s our own creation with full content control and flexibility. We do have aspirations to publish and have been asked and approached many times! This is on our wish list for 2016 :)

Good for you ladies! We think it’s great when people take a risk! Life is about risks sometimes! Where did the name Little Revolution come from?

D: We had a few names in the bag but the name really came from wanting to bring a revolution to kids fashion in the UK and as it’s for little people!

S: We wanted a name that defined us instantly....changing the shape of existing kids fashion media and exciting the parents! I imagined a stampede of little legs marching forward wanting a voice in kids fashion!

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We love it when company names express an underlying meaning! Following your launch in October, what has been going on with the magazine? Tell us ALL…

D: So much! We have had shoots coming out of our ears! We have met so many lovely people, and we were voted as one of WGSN’s online magazines that inspire which was amazing after our second issue!

S: I can honestly say that the magazine has opened so many new opportunities for us and we have not stopped since launch. New & established brands, collaborators, stylists and exciting photographers are now involved and it just keeps getting better & better.

That’s incredible ladies and we are so pleased that all of your hard work has paid off! Why did you decide to focus on kid's fashion?

D: For me, having a son myself I wanted to look for alternative styles to dress him in! I love photographing him so I just put this practice into my work and it all sort of lead on from there!

S: My eyes have been opened! Kids fashion is a joy & oh so addictive! Being able to inspire & excite our readers just makes it even more fun and it’s a pleasure!


We know this is a hard question but what is your favourite brand?

D: Tough one! Can I choose more than one?? From a mum’s point of view I like to dress him in things like No Added Sugar as I love the styles and fit. My fave overall brand is probably something like Molo as the range is massive and so versatile! You could literally fill up your kids wardrobe with all of the pieces!

S: I adore so many brands and really love accessories too. Having a boy & girl makes it even more exciting! I’m lucky to have the best of both worlds. I must say my son prefers more relaxed clothing and I go for mainstream brands like ZARA & Diesel but have been moving towards Someday Soon and Molo more recently. For my daughter I love so many brands for the dresses and the colourful fun designs like Billie Blush, Mini Rodini, Milk & Soda and Paxley. Kids fashion has to be versatile; stylish & practical, hard wearing yet fun & every brand is so very different.

Molo is such a fab brand for both boys and girls! We LOVE so many of the pieces so we can see why it is a favourite of yours! What’s coming up for the magazine? What exciting collaborations have you got in place?

D: We have a lot in the pipeline!

S: We have a lot of new submissions coming in from all over the world with each issue and we are truly thrilled. Plus we look forward to collaborating with new brands with each issue. I can tell you there is lots to look forward too!

Ahhhh we are so excited about the near future! Bring it on hey ladies!? Where do you draw inspiration from?

D: I think we draw a lot of inspiration from our children, we like to have fun on shoots but we also like to think practical - like would my kid wear this etc. My son helps me out a lot! In fact, he likes to take over the styling sometimes haha he does like to accessorise that one! ;)

S: I love the variation of kids fashion! It’s increidble how an item of clothing can be so unique to a child, how accessories can truly change & improve an outfit. Fortunately, my kids enjoying modelling and are always happy to get involved and they are my inspiration.

It’s amazing how at such a young age children know exactly what they like and don’t like! So, tell us about a typical day for you both…

D: Lots of phone calls, organising, kid juggling (not literally!) and fun! :)

S: Life is never dull ha ha! Juggling home life, shoots, continuous planning, emails, calls & admin can get complicated but I wouldn't have it any other way and I love every day!

AND last but not least - what's the brand to watch for AW15?

D: I love the German brand Macaroons AW15 collection! They have done a collab with British shoe brand Chapter 2 which I think is epic!

S: OMG I would need a list but I am excited with the launch of Billy Bandit & Someday Soon who are uber cool I have to say.

We are with you on that one Sarah! Someday Soon is a wicked brand! It may be for boys but we would wear so many of their pieces!

Ladies, thank you so much for joining us on the show! It has been wicked having you and hearing about your incredible journey so far! Again, we cannot thank you enough for all of your support! We love what you are doing and all we can say is bring on the near future!!

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Visit The Little Revolutions Magazine website to see their fabulous issues:

Thank you so much for joining us on the show! Don’t miss out on our next post as we will have lots more gossip and chinwagging! Big hugs and kisses <3 Alegre xox

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