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Good morning, rise and shine y’all as it’s time for another gossip on Gossip Station! We hope that you are well and have had fab-u-lous, Alegre start!

This week we are joined by a very talented creative artist based in London called Hattie Stewart! We have been a HUGE fan of Hattie’s work for a long time but never knew who the name behind the art was! This all changed when we read an article on her in Stylist magazine! Thank you Stylist Magazine!!

It’s no surprise that she’s caught the attention of individuals such as Henry Holland as her work is unique, edgy and truly fabulous! So, let’s get to it…

Hattie! Thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station, it is great to have you! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself…

Good morning everyone! I'm an illustrator/artist based in London and have been drawing away for my entire life! But for the past 5 years I have been able to do it for a living which is great!


That’s fab that you can now fully concentrate on doing what you love! Where did you study?

I studied Illustration at Kingston University and graduated in 2010.

Wooo big up Kingston! I (Alegre Kate) just recently moved from there as the commute was too far but it’s a lovely place! Did you always know you wanted to be an illustrator?

I've wanted to do so many things - paint, act, draw, write, go in to fashion , photography etc. The list is endless!

I love to experiment, play around and just be able to breathe freely and creatively. The only thing however that has always remained constant is my need to draw as it is a huge part of my life! No matter what I do it always comes down to pen to paper and so illustration always seemed like the logical step! Plus I am still able to do all the other things I enjoy but with illustration always being at the core of it all.

We think that it’s SO important to love what you do! We can’t imagine getting up in the morning and thinking ‘WHAT AM I DOING?’ Where did it all start for you? Who gave you, your break?

For the first few years it was a lot of hard work and scraping enough money from a couple of different jobs in order to pay the rent! Work wise though I was fortunate to experience a pretty steady climb, albeit with a few hiccups along the way, I've taken a few risks over the past few years but they've paid off. There was never one 'big break' - to me that is a myth and only ever happens to about 1% of illustrators!


Life is about risks sometimes as you said and isn’t it great when they pay off?! Where do you draw inspiration from?

All over the place! I've always believed though that inspiration comes from a place of character more than just visual stimulation. I love to watch artist documentaries - on anything and about anyone - as I feel there is much to learn about others’ struggles or passions to help understand your own.

It can be validating or it can force you to question your own outlook and intentions. Sometimes, learning how someone got to a piece of work is more important than seeing the final work itself. My work though mostly comes from trial and error. I like to try out and experiment with many different themes, visuals and techniques and then usually something sticks.

We think that those are some very wise words! Tell us about the projects you have worked on…

I've worked on many different types of projects which I greatly enjoy. I've done a lot of animation from working with Roman Coppola for Old Navy in the US, to then creating some crazy fun animation for Kylie Minogue's current ' Kiss Me Once' tour.

I then get to play in fashion and have collaborated with both well-known and more independent designers. There are so many different facets to my work it's hard to pic a specific few.


It’s great that you’re able to work on so many different projects! BUT do you have a favourite?

I love them all for different reasons but I think it's my 'doodle bomb' project! This is where I draw over the covers of Magazines. This project gives me total creative freedom but has also opened a lot of doors for me as it’s opened my work to a much wider audience.


We absolutely LOVE your ‘doodle bombs!’ We saw the one with Rhi Rhi and it looked insane! Whose work do you idolise? Whether it be a designer and/or illustrator and why?

I greatly admire Kate Moross and all that she has achieved! Also, Quentin Jones who I think is amazing!! Both of these creatives are creating such incredible bodies of work.

Do you feel that London is THE place to be as an illustrator?

I think in the digital age you can truly be anywhere as long as you have internet connection. London has an amazing illustration community but I don't believe it is the be all and end all of the illustration world. I've never much liked the concept of 'this is the place to be' or 'this is where it's at' sensationalism ! It detracts from the work of amazing individuals all over the world.

Good answer! If someone had 24 hours in London what would you recommend for them to do?

Oh god I am not great at this! The things I enjoy don't usually excite others as greatly!

Haha - what’s coming up for you in 2015?

A few projects are about to be released which I'm excited about and a few more are in production so we shall see!

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Moschino, Beyonce and Fiorucci.

We love the Moschino collections! How would you sum up your work in 3 words..

Tongue in Cheek.



AND last but not least - what is art to you?


Hattie, it has been great having you! Thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station and giving us an insight in to your work and journey so far! We think that your work is fab-u-lous and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Check out Hattie’s work by visiting her official website at:


Join us next week for lots more gossip and chinwagging! BUT in the meantime have an Alegre week! Lots of <3 xox

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