Joining us this morning is one cheeky chappy known as Simon Templa aka Blingwear boy from BlingwearUK. Simon has collaborated with us on numerous projects and we are very proud to now be able to represent him at Alegre Media! Not only is he extremely entertaining BUT his work is unbelievable! Simon has done everything from customising footballers kids bedrooms such as The Redknapps to collaborating with the V&A museum after being headhunted to carry out a project. The list is endless and it’s no surprise that he’s been snapped up as his work speaks volumes! So, let’s get to it and find out more about the man behind the name…

Big S – thanks so much for joining us today! Let’s start off by you telling us about yourself and your background…

Blingwear boy was born in Tottenham, North London! The home of where 2 of the London riots were held! Tottenham has received a lot of negative press, but it’s also the home of a diverse population, the creation of Jungle music, Reggae Sound systems culture, and lots of urban trendsetters.

I started by tagging! This is a quick name scrawled in one colour on any surface. This then progressed in me doing larger pieces which involved more detail and colour.

This allowed me on to expand my talents to include MC-ing and DJ-ing on local radio stations. I was able to perform on the club circuit, break-dancer/body popper and work as a club promoter. I have worked in several studios as a music producer - All whilst still pursuing my ‘graff’ passion.

Waheeey Simon! A man of many talents hey?! Did you always know you wanted to do something creative?

I enjoyed all forms of art from a young age but it was only in secondary school that I was introduced to graffiti and the graffiti scene. I discovered my infatuation with it and slowly every surface became a canvas to me, seeing every two colours as a potential combination. I knew from then that I belonged within this culture.

How did you get in to Graffiti?

I love the hip hop culture and growing up in the 80’s, I was inspired by movies such as Breakdance, Beat Street and a famous Graffiti bible called Subway Arts.

Bust those shapes! So, what was your break?

There has never been an actual "break" per se. My career just naturally evolved due to being in and around the right circle of creative people! Through mixing in these circles I managed to get a wide variety of jobs for a wide client base.

Who you know can make such a big difference can’t it? What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me! Right now, UK urban culture inspires me, the news inspires me – there are so many things! I like creating pieces that can be controversial which will then initiate conversation.

Positive vibes, positive minds! We agree, there’s so much out there to inspire people! How did BlingwearUK come about?

I started out using my tagging name Robe as a solo artist. Blingwear UK was born after there was a demand for my customised clothing! In the early days, the name was debated and I decided to take a long trip on the M4 to think!

After starting out on my own, the company needed extra staff and I expanded my creative team.

Can you tell us about BlingwearUK…

It is a graffiti based Art and Design Company that has taken graffiti and street art to another level.

Our portfolio of work includes major campaigns with top fashion brands, custom murals – this can be from walls, high ceilings in banqueting suites to bike sheds and even small boats. We also do youth workshops all over the UK and have now taken the birthday party scene by storm with our graffiti custom parties.

All of the events you’ve done with us have been fab so we aren’t surprised! The kids and parents love the workshops! What projects are you working on at the moment…

My latest project is working with iits (Industry In The Streets) who inspire new talent in music, film, artists and other creative areas. We put on art shows with entertainers showcasing their talents. I find this is the kind of work that gives us the edge to keep up with all the up and coming relevant trends.

That’s why we love BlingwearUK – it’s outside the box! What’s the most exciting project that you have done to date?

One of the most exciting project that I have done to date has to be being flown to Dubai to customize pairs of shoes for a wedding party. My hosts were more than hospitable and were the ultimate ‘Biz!’ They took me on a 7 day adventure which was incredible! That’s only one of the reasons why I love my job.

Wow that’s insane! What an experience! What is Graffiti/Art to you?

Graffiti/Art is a way of life to me! It’s in my DNA! It’s the reason I don’t sleep much as I can’t wait to get up – that’s what I do.

We LOVE your passion! Big S thanks so much for joining us on Gossip Station it has been fab having you as always and getting to learn more about yourself and your background! Never lose your enthusiasm!

Visit BlingwearUK’s official website at:

AND if you want to collaborate with Simon email us at

Join us next time on Gossip Station for lots of gossip and chinwagging! Big hugs and kisses Alegre Media xox

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