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Hello everyone and welcome back to Gossip Station where we are joined by Charlotte from beauty company Green People who we were very kindly introduced to by the lovely ladies at blog Minis AND MORE!

Charlotte thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station it is great to have you! Can

you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background...

I was born and brought up in Denmark and was greatly influenced by my late mother. She taught me how to appreciate nature and at the age of five we used to enjoy a cold dip in the sea, followed by scrubbing our bodies with nutrient-rich seaweed. My grandmother showed me how to appreciate fresh and health food and my afternoon snack as a child was apple and carrot salad with raisins and a drizzle of fresh lemon juice.

Mmmm that sounds delicious! Carrots are a HUGE favourite of Kate’s! Sorry carry on…

I have worked since age 12 and a proportion of my savings went to fund my gap year, where I travelled to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. I discovered another world where people were genuine and happy and although not having much, willing to share their last meal with a young stranger. After my return I qualified as a nurse from the University Hospital in Copenhagen. I was trained as a nurse, but didn’t last long as I found the hospital system frustrating. I soon moved in to the pharmaceutical industry where I went onto further my studies to be able to coordinate and manage multicenter clinical trials.

That’s incredible! South America is on the wish list and everyone we know who goes just falls in love with it! What about your further studies?

I did my further studies at Business School resulted in qualifications in PR, Marketing, Sales, Business Management, Accounts and Administration. Alongside this I nurtured my passion for all things holistic by taking courses in Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

By 1992 I had two children and a successful career in pharmaceuticals. But my focus was my daughter Sandra who battled with eczema and skin allergies. With conventional steroid treatments failing to help, I turned to a complete natural and organic lifestyle, but was surprised that Sandra reacted to natural skin care products. I looked into the ingredients and was shocked to find out so many ‘natural’ products were actually made with over 99% synthetic chemicals.

That’s insane isn’t it and not something you would ever think to occur? How interesting! So, what made you decide to start your own organic beauty product company?

Green People was founded in 1997. There are many motivations behind an entrepreneurial spirit – for me the motivation came from wanting to help treat the eczema and allergies that my daughter Sandra suffered as a small child. As any modern parent of a child with severe skin problems will know, it can be a long and frustrating battle to find treatments that work.

While eating organically and avoiding likely triggers such as dairy, gluten and citrus is a good start in helping fight allergies it is unfortunately not enough as a cure. We are all children of the chemical age and pollution, in combination with changing dietary habits, profoundly affects us all. After much research and discovering that a natural skin care product could contain more than 99% man-made chemicals I realised why none of these so-called natural products could help soothe Sandra’s itchy skin - it was clearly time to change path and so Green People was born.

Poor Sandra! Had you had any previous experience/knowledge of the beauty industry?

Not in the beauty industry only the pharmaceutical industry

Why did you call it the Green People?

After brainstorming for names in Denmark with friends, I arrived home to England and my husband asked if we’d had any success with a name, the only one that I could remember was green people!

Brilliant! Can you please tell us about Green People…

From the beginning we have always given total transparency in what we do, disclosing full ingredients listings and organic percentages before it became law to help consumers make informed decisions. To this day we continue to strive for excellence, creativity and innovation at all times, and will not compromise the quality of any Green People product.

None of our formulations or products has been tested on animals and the majority of our products are certified organic by either Soil Association, Organic Food Federation or EcoCert. Our products are registered by the Vegan Society and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

We love the fact that you have stuck to your original ethics and have not strayed in the process! What makes the Green People products different from other organic products on the market for families?

18 years on, with a wealth of knowledge and experience Green People is proud to offer over 100 certified organic products in high performance award-winning ranges for all of the family including specialist skin conditions. Our products are packed with over 90% active natural and organic ingredients to protect, nourish, balance and, most importantly, respect your body.

Woo woo congratulations that’s amazing! Do you think that families are becoming more interested in wanting clean, organic products for their kids?

We have seen a huge increase in parents using organic products; pregnancy seems to be a key stage to make changes to beauty regimes, swapping to chemical free, organic products. Many parents choose to use only organic products on their precious new-born’s, changing over to organic beauty products often filters up through the family from here.

Families seem so much more informed, making well researched choices about where their organic pound will be spent.

We think that it’s so important to take in to consideration what you are putting on to your body! What kinds of products are available for consumers to buy?

Products for all of the family from baby, men, teens, sun, skin and hair care.

You’ve got it all covered! Where are you stocked?

Across the country in independent health stores, Ocado, Waitrose and John Lewis as well as online at

What's coming up for the brand? Can you reveal any secrets?

My business vision for the next few years is to maintain our high standards and ethics and to retain the trust and integrity built up over the past 18 years. I also envisage that we will be able to work towards satisfying the demand from large export companies who are interested in selling our products all over the world.

I am also really passionate about the new scientifically proven actives and stem cell technology we are using in our new Age Defy+ range, and the benefits that they deliver, my aim is to constantly up-date and improve our organic offerings as new and exciting ingredients become available.

It all sounds all very exciting and we love the fact that you have set yourself targets! What are your beauty secrets?

Really it just comes down to dedicating an hour to myself in the morning, before anyone else is up. I fit a glass of lemon water, fresh herbal juices, a daily swim and an epsom salt bath, plus a walk with my dog Saffie in the woods, into my first hour of the day.

That sounds like the perfect way to start the day! If you could carry only one beauty product which one would it be and why?

Sorry I have to have two!

Oooo we will let you off haha…

It’s the Age Defy+ Facial Oil & Serum, using together in the winter, just the serum in summer, or for day or night these products really are one stop skincare personified!

We will have to take note as the winter weather completely dries our skin out! Charlotte, thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station! It has been so lovely having you and learning about your fabulous brand! We love your concept and can’t wait to have you on board for our SS16 press day!

Visit the official Green People website below and start being kind to your skin:

Join us next time on Gossip Station for lots of gossip and chinwagging! Big hugs and kisses <3 Alegre Media xox

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