Never Too Old For Social Media

Whoever said that social media was just for the youth were definitely lying! We are all aware of just how powerful social media is and how we use it share all of our daily activities! So, who's to say that our grans aren't just as 'with it' with the techn as we are? Just because you're a nan doesn't mean you can't vlog, tweet or instagram right? With this in mind, we want you to meet the insta-nans who have got a social following to be proud of!

Check out bada** gran Helen Van Winkle who goes under the insta name Baddie Winkle! She's 87 years old, rocks a super cool look, has over 220K followers on twitter and 1.1M on instagram! Is she 'werkin' it or what?

Attitude or what? We love her look (minus the fag)

Giving Rhi Rhi a run for her money with statement accessories - Baddie Winkle is rocking the bling and pushing the boundaries!

Is your gran an #instanan or a social media wizz? If so, we want to know about it! Share your pics with us at Alegre Media by #alegremedia and tagging us!

Until next time beautiful people <3 Alegre Ladies xox

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