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Hello beautiful people and welcome back to Gossip Station! We are very excited to be joined by the gorgeous (inside and out) Jessica King who has very recently embarked on a VERY exciting journey known as The Mini Edit! So, without any further ado let’s get to it...

Lovely lady, thank you so much for joining us on the one and only Gossip Station! Who doesn’t love a chinwag though hey? So, let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself… The Mini Edit is like my new baby, so at the moment it is pretty much all I do / think about! BUT when I'm not working I'm a huge family girl, so you'll usually find me chilling with my friends, family and my crazy French Bulldog puppy Nala! We must say…Nala is too cute! We can’t believe how much she’s grown! What made you decide to go in to fashion? And in particular buying? I've always loved fashion, but could never get excited about product development or design. Buying brands appealed to me from pretty early on because I loved the idea of looking at collections and curating all the best bits into one ultimate edit.

Shopping 24/7 – you can’t get much better than that can you? Where did your buying career begin? I didn't have any relevant qualifications when I first decided I wanted to work in fashion, so had to start from the bottom and work my way up. I started out as a receptionist at a fashion company to gain experience and eventually got my first break with a buyers' admin role at a flash sales site. It is pretty hard graft when you're trying to climb the ladder, particularly in buying, but you can't get better training than hands on experience. We completely agree! What made you decide to leave Selfridges - what is considered as one of the most prestigious department stores? Looking after kids' fashion and toys at Selfridges was an absolutely incredible experience. The business is so innovative and dynamic that you never stop learning. A department store environment is all about catering to a very broad cross section of customers and I became really obsessed with the idea of creating something that was much more focused and edited. I wanted to offer a truly personalised and niche service which just isn't possible on that scale.

So, that then leads us to the present! You've just recently launched your own business The Mini Edit (AHHHHH)! Can you tell us about your inspiration behind this? The inspiration for The Mini Edit came from the incredible women I've been lucky enough to meet over the years; there are so many gorgeous, intelligent mammas who believe that having a family doesn't mean you should have to compromise on a love of fashion or appreciation for incredible design. They expect the same level of quality and practicality as all parents, but also want a curated edit of beautiful pieces, inspirational content and a really personal level of service. Striving to really cater to these mum bosses is how our business was built and will continue to develop over the coming months and years. Can we hear a lot of oh yes’ going on right now? We think so! Why the name 'The Mini Edit?' Where did it come from? The name came straight from the business concept, which we hope is a carefully curated edit of the best fashion, toys and gifts for kids - real fashion for real families.

We love it and definitely think you’ve got it on point! So, tell us about The Mini Edit e.g. your ethos etc. Our business ethos is really simple…we want everyone who comes into contact with our brand to be made to feel special! That’s from our customers and our brands to the team who have made it all happen. We were lucky enough to be able to start the business as a family and hope to be able to keep it that way, because it enables us to stay really focused on what counts - having a good quality of life and creating something that we're really proud of. We love the fact that your brand is more than just a business. It’s got meaning or ‘substance’ as we like to call it! What makes you different to other online children's fashion retailers? There are some absolutely incredible and really well established online kids' fashion stores out there with a huge offer of brands and a vast array of products so we really tried to avoid becoming another online department store. We tried to take a more editorial stance on our product mix by focusing in on one particular customer and stripping away all the brands which are not so relevant to them by taking the time to curate the individual pieces we think they'll love.

In order to do this, how do you stay ahead of the game?

We take a huge amount of inspiration from other businesses we admire - be that fashion retailers like Colette or Dover Street Market or seemingly less relevant, but equally inspirational concepts, like Apple and Dyson. Social also plays a huge role in our decision making, as it enables us to speak directly to our customers and understand what they've seen and loved. It’s also a great way to sound out what trends they are feeling and what they think of what we're up to. It’s unbelievable just how powerful social media can be and the benefits it can have to your business if used correctly! Do you have a go to brand for AW15? What are your AW15 trends? Hmmm, I'm not sure I could pick one brand / trend! The best tees this season are by Eleven Paris! Sweats would be a toss-up between Etre Petite and MSGM! The print of the season would have to be either Stella McCartney's Super Stellaheroes or the Mini Rodini monkey print! AND the accessory of the season, definitely those gold Akid boots!! If I had to commit to one stand out collection, Someday Soon have absolutely nailed it this season! It is too cool for words!

Someday Soon are an unbelievably cool brand! What's coming up The Mini Edit? Can you reveal any secrets? I'm not sure that it is much of a secret, but we had the best time EVER at our pop up a few weeks back and would absolutely love to replicate this concept on a more permanent basis, so watch this space!

We love love loved your popup! You did it so well and we're so proud! What can we expect for SS16? We've picked up some awesome new brands for SS16 - Caroline Bosmans, Au Jour Le Jour and Agatha Cub are some of the most exciting new additions, but we've still got a few more last minute orders to place!

Fab choice with Agatha Cub! Their AW15 pieces are amazing! What advice would you give to someone who wants to set up their own business? You need to your due diligence, write a really thorough business plan and ask for as much advice as you can. But there will come a point where you just have to shut your eyes and jump! It is a huge risk and the hardest you'll ever work in your life, but all the stress and pressure and lack of sleep is completely dwarfed by the feeling of waking up every morning and doing something you really truly believe in, it is bloody marvellous!

Hell YES! We completely agree and we can’t clap you enough! We love the fact that you took the jump AND what a fabulous jump it was! We can’t wait to see what is to come for The Mini Edit and are very excited for the near future!

Visit The Mini Edits website below to check out Jess’s ‘baby’:

Join us next time on Gossip Station for lots of gossip and chinwagging! Until next time beauties! Big hugs and kisses <3 Alegre Ladies xox

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