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We’re feeling EVEN MORE alert, rejuvenated and ready for this weeks #gossipstation guests! Wanna know why? It’s because we have just started the day with a delicious #stupidlyhealthy cold press juice from Moju drinks – that’s why!

Joining us for a gossip is our fabulous #alegrepressday refreshment sponsors Moju drinks! AND the faces behind the brand are fine duo Rich and Charlie! So, if everyone’s ready to get their mo-ju on let’s get to it!

Guys thanks so much for joining us! Tell us - what was your inspo?

Hey Guys! Well…believe it or not Charlie and I are keen juicers! Our inspiration came after not being able to find that authentic juice experience on the high street at a price we could afford. The current offering is generally high in sugar and heavily pasteurised, which means the nutritional value of juices is pretty low. We want to change that, so people can experience cold-pressed juices every day.

Thank golly as all we can say is that our eyes have definitely been opened at just how much sugar is in both drinks and foods! So, what makes Moju drinks different to other brands on the market?

Our cold-pressed juice is really tasty and as healthy as we can make it. That means using more vegetables than fruit to ensure we keep the naturally occurring sugars down and fine tuning our recipes so all of the ingredients complement each other perfectly! We don’t get lazy with our recipes! Our approach is fun and lifestyle led, as we believe cold-pressed juice should be for everyone not just those that are really into their health and fitness.

You’ve got to have the fun factor haven’t you? What’s work with no play?! What's coming up for the Moju team?

Like any start-up we are working on loads of things! A big one for us is our official launch later this month, which will also include funky new packaging! Aside from that we are working hard to get our juices into the hands of as many people as possible by building our network of stockists and getting our online shop up and running.

Woo wooo that’s so exciting guys! We can’t wait to see the new packaging and for your launch! Exciting times! What's your fave juice combo? We like to keep it as healthy and as tasty as possible! We love to use ginger to perk up our juices. Leafy greens work really well with ginger and a twist of lemon. Ginger and lemon – all over it! There’s nothing better! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Would you be a vegetable or fruit? Straight up, without a question a vegetable. Fruit is awesome but you can’t beat veg, they are just so down to earth ;)

Oh yes - good vibes all around we’re feeling! How excited are you about the #alegrepressday on a scale of 1-10? An 8, as 10 gives you nowhere to go! Very excited to have met the Alegre family!

Hmmm excuse us? Playing it cool, playing it cool – we’ll take that! Haha! Guys thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation AND for being a part of our #alegrepressday!

We can’t wait to get our mo-ju on!

Join us next time on Gossip Station for lots of gossip and chinwagging! Until next time beauties! Big hugs and kisses <3 Alegre Ladies xox

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