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Welcome back to #gossipstation guys and girls! We hope that you are all well and had a fabulous weekend! Yesterday was an eventful day for us Alegre Ladies as we were very kindly invited to attend the premier of new short film Seventeen which is directed by the truly inspirational Angelica Bagot! Starring in the short film was the very talented actor and model Jay Sentrosi who we have recently been introduced to by a close friend of ours! AND we can honestly say that he is a true gentleman!

Over the last few weeks we have been working closely with Jay as the opportunity to style him for the event presented itself and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He is extremely professional and beyond appreciative of everything! We can’t compliment him enough! Not only did we have the honour of styling Jay, we also managed to have a quick catch up with Jay for the one and only #gossipstation!

So, enough gassing from us – let’s get to it so that we can get to find out more about Jay and his exciting career so far…

Jay! Thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation! Again, a HUGE congratulations on last night! You should be so proud! Ok, can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself… Hey guys! Where do I start? My name is Jay Sentrosi, I have been acting from the age of 13 starting off at Hampstead Theatre's Youth Theatre "Heat & Light". From a young age, acting has always been a passion of mine. It has been a platform where I've really been able to explore who I am as a person as well as giving me multiple opportunities to meet and work with an array of creative and talented people who share an interest and vision. It’s so nice being around people like that isn’t it? So, what made you decide to go in to acting? To be honest I was never all that confident in school. It was something that really sunk in whilst I was attending primary school. My teachers would encourage me to be at the front of the class for school assemblies and offer me key roles in school plays and performances. I guess it was their way of getting me out of my shell and it really worked.

So we have your teachers to thank for kick-starting your career! We understand that you are also model? How do you juggle the two? Luckily modelling and acting often come hand in hand. I’ve found that it really helps if you have experience in both fields if the acting or modelling industry is something you want to immerse yourself into. So, for me I see it all as one job. I believe that's the best way to look at it. I would suggest to any model or actor to give both fields a try because it helps keep you as an "Artist" relevant and consistent. That’s good advice and we completely agree! Our motto is to say ‘yes’ at trying every opportunity that comes your way as you never know where it may lead! Do you have a typical day? I am a sucker for routine! However, I don't remember the last time I was able to completely follow a plan I had made for a day. Being an artist means you have to be really flexible and that means being able to prioritise certain things throughout the day and knowing how to make smart decisions about picking and choosing what it is you are doing that day. The one thing I would say is typical of me each day is that I am constantly on the internet searching and applying for acting and modelling work. I've really gained an understanding of how important it is to work and get things going for yourself, even being signed to a supportive and consistent agency. We too are a sucker for routine and we love your get up and go! Never change that! We understand that you’ve just recently signed to new agency Taylored Management – how did that come about? I was approached by Taylored Management not too soon after deciding to take a break from Identity school of acting. The great thing about my relationship with Taylored is that before they came about, I had the opportunity to study with the agents and it was from their experience of working and studying with me that they came together and decided they would like to represent me.

We have only had a little taster of working with you and it’s been a pleasure! So, we can’t say we are surprised that they wanted to snap you up and represent you as an artist. Last night you starred in a new short film called Seventeen! Can you tell us a little bit about the film and your role? When writer and director of Seventeen Angelica Louise sent over the script to me the first thing that came to mind was "wow!" I instantly thought "Misfits meets Top Boy". In Seventeen I play a teen called Christopher Noble who essentially is a young man who's alone in the world. He has a few secrets, meaning that deep down he's quite pent up. He has the daily struggle of having to live in a bad area where there are always dramas so he's had to learn how to look after himself. Seventeen essentially sets up a journey of a young relatable protagonist who has to figure out what path he needs to take in life, does he delve into the gritty street life, or does he use everything in his power to do good for others? And so he is left with the ultimatum "Hoody or Hero?"

We didn’t want it to end last night as we were on the edge of our seats! There’s no doubt about it - it needs to be made in to a series! Do you have a pre premier ritual? I like to take time out to think about where I am and how far I've come in different aspects. Whether it is growing as a person or refining and adopting certain skills which I can use for my crafts. I like to acknowledge and show appreciation for what it is I have accomplished and I've come to realise how important it is to always see the positives in every situation. You can soak in positives from any experience as it is something that helps you understand, develop and grow.

What an incredible phrase! ‘You can soak in positives from any experience as it is something that helps you understand, develop and grow!’ Jay we are going to be taking that one with us! Amazing! So tell us, what’s next for Jay Sentrosi? I recently wrapped my first feature film whereby I play an Angel alongside various actors and TV personalities including the likes of Calum Best and Alex Reid, as well as having featured in two music videos this week so I am pretty excited to see how they all turn out! The next thing on the list for me is a short film I will be featured in whereby I play a challenging role. I have never had the opportunity to perform before so there is a lot to look forward to! It sounds like you have been a busy guy with a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline! AND last but not least - we feel like this one is a good one to ask you - what’s the best advice anyone has ever given you? The best advice anyone has ever given to me is to look at your art and your craft or whatever it is you have love for as a seed and to have the understanding of how important it is to water and feed that seed and spend time caring for it so that it blossoms and blooms into something healthy rich and beautiful. That is something I have adopted through various aspects of my life.

We are just going to take a moment to process that one! Can everyone do the same please?

We don’t know about you #gossipstation readers but we are coming away from this Q&A feeling enlightened and inspired! Jay – it has been fab having you on the show and getting to hear about your exciting journey so far! Keep on doing your thing and we are sure that you will continue to be successful! We can’t wait for the next project to be released!

Thank you so much again for allowing us to celebrate last night with you!

Join us next time wonderful people for lots more gossip and chinwagging <3 Alegre Ladies xox

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