Seventeen Film premier

New short film Seventeen - 'The Birth of a Hero' which is created by the very talented and inspirational Angelica Louise from Urban Gem Media premiered at London's Leicester Square on Sunday evening.

Seventeen is a supernatural urban drama about a young man Christpher Noble who discovers he has powerful abilities. Chris who is played by Actor Jay Sentrosi, first read the script and described the storyline as 'misfits meets top boy' and after watching the clip we completely agreed!

Click on the link below to watch the short trailer:

Seventeen which was originally written as a series and then adapted in to a short film, explores the representation and portrayal of young black males in Britain whilst mixing the ever so popular game of sci-fi with drama. As you can see from the short clip, very real issues are explored and we were kept on the edge of our seats left wanting to know what happened next!

Not only did we have the honour of attending the premier, we also had the opportunity to style leading Seventeen Actor Jay Jentrosi, mini Actress Topaz Cerise and music Artist Marcello Spooks whose track 'One Too Many' was featured in the film (all pictured below)

Leading Actor Jay Sentrosi

Actress Topaz Cerise with Director Angelica Louise

Music Artist Marcello Spooks with Leading Actor Jay Sentrosi

Watch a snippet of Marcello's exclusive performance of his new single 'Midnight Express' at the premier by clicking on the link below:

Again, we want to say a HUGE congrats to everyone involved in the premier! We had so much fun both attending and styling!

Keep an eye out for Seventeen though people as the short film will be followed by a fictional novel and Urban Gem Media (Angelica and team) hope to produce the full series soon!

Alegre Media xox

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