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Welcome back to #gossipstation everyone! Joining us for a chat is Clodagh Connell from new kids fashion brand Hello Bezlo! We were introduced to Clodagh through a very close friend of ours and after inviting her to our #alegrepressday in September we are very honoured to be collaborating with her for her FIRST ever launch in London this coming Tuesday, 27th October 2015. The launch event will be held at an exclusive venue on Wells Street, W1 and it’s going to be a fun filled day! Not only will you be able to view the sample collection but you will be able to take part in all of the different work stations! So, enough gassing from us, let’s get to it!

Clodagh, thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself…

Hello everyone! I’m Clodagh, I’m 27 and a nurse from Ireland who is about to launch a kids fashion brand called Hello Bezlo!!!

I have a lot of experience as the “cool” auntie of five nieces and nephews. You could say I am their official go-to stylist, in charge of outfit planning. I saw a huge gap in girl’s fashion, with girls getting left out of all the cool designs…..like space rockets, science and bold colours.

Wow - Five nieces and nephews Clodagh you are a busy auntie! They must love it when you come to visit! So, why is it that you have decided to leave nursing to set up a children’s fashion company?

My niece Fiona is my inspiration. From the age of two she would run around being “rocket girl” blasting into space. But when I went to find her a rocket printed dress, it simply did not exist. Instead, I had to resort to shopping in the boys department to find clothes with rockets. Lots of space men but no rocket girls! Why not?

It’s lovely that your family have inspired you and in particular your niece! Why the name Hello Bezlo?

I always found it difficult to find the right clothes that matched her personality. She loves nature and exploring the outdoors but she loves wearing beautiful clothes too. She’s not a tomboy or a girlie girl and saying she was “inbetween” just wasn’t cutting it for me. There is no name to describe this girl so I had to invent one - Bezlo. She is a Bezlo girl. It’s a make-y-up-y name and I’m not hiding that it is. Sometimes it’s fun having to make ‘makey-upy’ words. The world needed a word to describe this girl and Bezlo has caught on.

The world always needs new words to use and it’s crazy the ones that do catch on so good on you! Let’s go Bezlo! What’s your inspiration?

I’ve always been crazy about fashion and styling, and when I became an auntie I really saw the gap in kids fashion. So it was a bold decision to continue working as a nurse and launch a kids fashion brand at the same time. With no fashion contacts and without any official training I was determined to prove I could achieve my goal!

Good for you for going for it! We have a lot of respect for that! Tell us about Hello Bezlo and it’s ethos…

Our brand ethos is all about dreaming big because from the very beginning starting this business is about working hard to achieve big goals. Not coming from a business or tech background, I have had to learn fast. I took part in start-up workshops in London, set about creating a lean business model and even learnt how to computer code. I’m focused on creating a clothing range that included parents in the brainstorming and design process.

Through this journey, I’ve really come to learn about how clothes are manufactured and “fast fashion”. I didn’t want to go down that route, so I researched how to make Hello Bezlo an eco-cool ethical brand as this is so important to me. We have sourced amazing cotton fabrics that are made ethically and not harming the environment. Our collection may be small but it makes a big statement. Hello Bezlo is here for the adventurous, free spirited and stylish girl-the Bezlo Girl which made with love.

Blimmey you have been one busy girl and we take our hat off to you! What an incredible journey you have had so far! You go girl! So, what’s next?

I’ve decided to try something different. I’m launching Hello Bezlo on kickstarter which is a crowd funding platform. It is a risk but I really believe in Hello Bezlo and that it can blast off and go all the way to the top. By launching here it allows us to reach a large audience where they can pre purchase our products. By doing this, Hello Bezlo can go into production on a much bigger scale. Our kickstarter launch party will take place in London on the 27th of October 2015 and be a fun filled day of sparkle, adventures and coding.

You have opened our eyes to kickstarter and it sounds extremely exciting! It all does and we are so proud to be on to journey with you! Bring on Tuesday and bring on the near future. Thank you so much for taking the time to have a gossip with us, we have LOVED getting to know more about you and your incredible journey so far!

Follow @hellobezlo @AlegreMedia for updates of the launch event as it’s going to be a BLAST!

<3 Alegre Ladies xox

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