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Welcome back to #gossipstation beautiful people! Having a gossip with us this time is the lovely Yvadney Davis! Not only is she a yummy mummy to two beautiful kiddies but she also has a fab career log, having worked in various areas of fashion as well as running her own blog Style After Nine! So, let’s get to it! Yvadney thank you so much for joining us for a chinwag! Can you start off by telling us all a little bit about yourself and your background…

Hello Everyone! I'm a born, bred and proud Londoner (South to be exact). I live with my husband, 3 year old son MG and 4 month old daughter ER.

I've had a nomadic career having worked in PR, as a fashion stylist, fashion writer and blogger. Which have included stints living in New York and Vancouver, but I'm happy to be back home in the UK...for now.

Wow Vancouver! I was born (Alegre Kate) in Ontario but have heard great things about the city. So, where did your love for fashion begin?

I've been designing and sewing since I was a little girl. By the time I was a teenager I had a full portfolio of fashion designs and a growing collection of Vogues. This was in the days of heady 90s fashion, Gianni Versace, Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. I knew I had to be part of that world.

That’s incredible! Can you tell us about your jobs to date?

The plan was, I'd go to Central Saint Martins and become a fashion designer. I did, but discovered after working for a NY designer that it wasn't the career for me and I loved the buzz of PR. So, I started out at Smythson with my desk next to Samantha Cameron (pre PM's wife). I got involved with choosing leather colours and names for some of the fashion notebooks. After that I had a few years in the press office at Marks & Spencer, followed by BHS.

I had started styling on the side when I was at M&S and used my move to Canada to switch careers. I quickly got signed by a talent agency and styled for music videos, editorials and TV commercials. I also wrote content for Tyra Banks' style site Type F as well as Fashion Beans

When we moved back I started Style After Nine and focused on freelance work including the Daily Mirror, Living Etc and last year, as Christmas PR Manager at Selfridges.

Woah Yvadney you’ve worked on some incredible projects! BUT the big question is, have you got a favourite and why?

Hmm, I loved working at Selfridges last year simply because I got to see the passion and creativity that makes it so luxurious and forward thinking.

However, I am an artist to the core and the kids' Christmas shoot I styled for Living Etc last year was pure magic. Sophie Brown, an incredible interior's stylist had created a magical metallic woodland set, there was fake snow, giant polar bears, my son modelling and adorable outfits (of course). Despite his typically testing toddler behaviour, including letting go of a very expensive ballon, the end result was simply stunning.

MG is too stylish! We came across a pic recently and he looked just wicked! So, you've got a blog Style After Nine! Can you tell us about the blog and its content?

The blog is a style guide for mums (after nine months of pregnancy) and their kids. It's all about rocking it your own way, whether you're a bit lumpy, breastfeeding, dashing to work or staying at home. I feel the fashion industry kind of forgets about mums and thinks we'll just wear leggings and breton tees. I say don't write us off, despite the challenges, we're just getting started.

It also has key kids' trends and stylish buys, reviews and interiors. This is where I get to show off all the fun outfits I've put on my little dolls...I mean children!

I'm ecstatic when I meet a mum who gets inspired by a post, either to shop a look for her kids or buy something specific for her. I well up when I meet a mum who feels empowered by one of my posts to say "sod it, I’m going to rock that look anyway, who cares about the lumpy bits?"

There’s nothing better than empowering people! Go Yvadney! So, you've got a little boy and have recently had a little girl! Congrats! Have you got a fave brand/look for each of them?

Above all I love colour and print, so I’m not loyal to a particular high street or designer label. However, I could buy everything from Mini Rodini - every season. My son MG's look is kinda Andre 3000 meets The Fresh Prince of Belair. I like swag, leggings, prints and lots of layers. My daughter however, is fast giving Solange Knowles a run for her money, lots of clashing colours and prints with a few traditional French styles thrown in for good girlie measure.

Haha that’s hilarious! Mama ain’t raisin no fools! Is MG interested in what he wears?

Yes. He is always very grateful and excited to receive new clothes and when allowed to choose his own outfits, will always pick the busiest print (particularly with an animal on it to channel) and bright trainers.

We like the way he rolls! ALL about wicked trainers! What are your style secrets?

Have fun. Get the kids in clothes that inspire their imaginations as well as look good, so, animals, space themes, dinosaurs, masks, hoods, hats etc. I don't see why kids should look serious, when they're kids. So, I tend to do too much and then strip away the excessive layers or accessories, particularly with ER.

We completely agree! It’s all about having fun with what you wear! Especially, when it comes to kids clothing like you said! So, what's coming up for Yvadney?

Well, I'm continuing to grow the blog. I have so much fun writing it and helping other mum's shop style but my main focus is kids' fashion styling. Since having ER in June, I've styled a kids' look book and the kids' Christmas story again for Living Etc and have some more exciting projects coming up. I love kids' fashion and the narrative, creativity, wonder and cool you can introduce into kids' shoots. So, I'm looking forward to what the next year brings.

Bring on 2016! It’s going to be a FAB one we are sure! Yvadney it has been so fab speaking with you as always! Thank you so much for giving us an insight in to your world! We love what you’re doing so carry on doing your thing!

Check out Yvadney’s blog Style After Nine below:


Join us next time for lots more gossip and chinwagging <3 Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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