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Welcome back to #gossipstation where we are joined by Amanda Rabor who is the creative director and owner of the fabulous designer kids fashion label Isossy Children. We first met Amanda at our #alegrepressday this September and following our interest in the brand we are very excited to announce that we will now be representing the sweat and denim collections for Isossy! So, let’s get to it!

Amanda, not only would we like to celebrate you joining the Alegre family BUT we would also like to welcome you on #gossipstation

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

Hello everyone! I was born in London but raised in both Brooklyn NY and London. I was brought up in a very creative family. My mother was and is a very progressive woman and set her sights on America from a young age. My mom had creative interests like textiles. She was an amazing fashionista in her heyday whilst my dad was an ink manufacturer in the 70’s in NY. My sister is a make-up artist and with all the creatively that flows in my blood line I suppose that’s how I fell into fashion.

NYC baby! New York is such an incredible city! So why kids fashion?

To me it’s all about the children. They are our future and if we don't take time to inspire them by creating a positive experience and outlook both socially and culturally then everything will just stay the same. Everything is different to how we grew up and I want to create a different experience for the children. I want them to enjoy fashion through a shared cultural heritage.

We love your passion! What is it that inspires you?

My Mother inspired me. She is very ambitious and possesses a great vision. She broke a lot of boundaries in her younger days which is what I love most as she just went for what she wanted and didn't stop until she got it. That’s what I intend to do.

We are all about embracing and supporting powerful women! We both have wonderful mothers who inspire us in all that we do! Can you tell us about Isossy Children…

Isossy Children is a pioneering company. It has vision and grows dynamically around the world. Isossy Children offers bold, modern heritage global collections for kids. We want something that will inspire the confidence, creativity and self-belief of children growing up and living in diverse, global cultures.

Why the name Isossy Children?

Isossy is a blend of one of my middle names, shortened to Isi, and my husband’s name, shortened to Ossy. Which then created, Isossy.

We love it when the name of a brand has a story behind it! So, you've just released the Sweat and Denim collections. Can you tell us about them both?

Yes, they are both a capsule collection for boys and girls. We wanted to create something that the children can be super comfortable in but feel stylish at the same time. They’re cosy chic collections.

I love denim. We'll be doing a denim and sweat collection every year.

For the DC, we combined the timelessness of denim with beautiful heritage fabrics from Africa, Asia and the combined them with oriental aspects which are seen in our standout dress of the season. Some of these fabrics will be limited edition but they just had to be used.

The images are absolutely stunning! We love them! What’s coming up for the next season collection? Can you reveal any secrets?

Secrets are meant to be kept secret. :) We will continue to surprise and dazzle you with our modern heritage designs.

Oooo the suspense! BUT we can’t wait to see more! Amanda, thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation. It has been great having you and getting to learn a lil bit more about you. We will most certainly be liveloveisossy

Make sure you check out Isossy Children online by clicking on the link below:


Until next time gossipers <3 Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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