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Welcome back to #gossipstation beautiful people where we are joined by the lovely Charlotte Seccombe from recently launched blog Charlie and the Pirates. We first met Charlie at our #alegrepressday in September and she has since been extremely supportive, contributing and collaborating with us on blog posts. We met with her for coffee a few weeks ago and were updated on all her exciting news! So, with that in mind, let’s get to it… Charlie, thank you for joining us in the one and only #gossipstation! Can you start off by telling us all a little bit about yourself and your background…

Hello everyone! I live in South London with my husband and two kids (Ava, 5 and Elise, 3). I have lived in the Capital since 2001 but always lived west before meeting my husband who got me to move south of the river. I love it because it has so many green spaces! I am originally from Sussex and love heading back to the Brighton area to see my family and friends, particularly in the summer.

B town is so much fun and have always had a blast every time we have visited! We understand that you studied history and politics. What made you go in to the world of fashion?

I think I am more a fashion ‘wannabe’ than ‘in' fashion. BUT I’m loving getting to spend my time planning little peoples outfits and seeking out unique designers! History and Politics was chosen because I always wanted to join M15 - I think I would have made an awesome spy! When the spy world didn’t see my potential I went to work in PR!

Haha that’s absolutely brilliant we love that! Tell us about your jobs to date, have you got a favourite?

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and some exciting business people throughout my PR career. MySpace was a major client for a while at a time when social media exploded into the mainstream and that was hugely exciting. I have been working in the alcohol industry for the last few years and that certainly has its perks as well as being hugely interesting from a policy and business point of view, which I love as much as I do media work.

So, in between freelancing you've also got a blog Charlie and the Pirates that's recently launched! Why did you decide to launch a kid’s fashion blog?

The blog www.charlieandthepirates.com is my research into the ‘tomboy’ world and although I hate it when people call my eldest daughter a ‘tomboy' it really does capture her sense of style. She is obsessed with anything pirates, Lego or super heroes. Ava doesn’t want to dress as a boy as she likes loads of different colours including pink, however, she is simply not interested in princesses, sparkles or dolls! She is all about adventure and logical thinking and this is reflected now in the clothes she likes to wear. I started the blog to share what I find with them and other parents. I know so many people that say “my son loves the colour purple” or “Lego friends is just too girly for girls that love to build things that move and shoot” and that they find it really hard to shop for them. The blog is hopefully just the start and I really want to grow this community, I also have some fab product ideas to bring to life so watch this space.

Ooo exciting we want to hear more! Why the name Charlie and the Pirates?

Our house is obsessed with pirates! My girls love nothing more than making treasure maps or having sword fights! I love that it is just a bit cheeky as well! The night pirates is a favourite bed time read in our house as it is all about girl pirates!

Go girls! So, you've mentioned that you’ve been working on a very exciting new project - can you tell us a little bit about this? Pretty PLEASE…

Yes, yes! I have been working on a new stationary range called Charlie Made. I always find it hard to source thank you cards and prints etc. that aren’t split by the girl / pink v boy / blue divide and I wanted to show to my girls that I love their sense of adventure and pirate passion.

That’s absolutely FAB! We can reveal that we have been given a sneak peek and we LOVE them! What's been your inspiration?

It is inspired by my little ones and their love of pirates. It’s the first collection and hopefully this will expand. I am my first customer as I already know exactly where I will be putting the prints in their bedrooms. I was also fed up with spending money on thank you cards that were designed specifically for boys just because they were themed with pirates.

It’s so nice that you’ve been inspired by your girls! So tell us - what's next for Charlie Made?

I am planning to launch the range on www.tictail.com a relatively new design led online market place site in the coming weeks. After this I hope to launch into other product areas where I struggle with buying items my kids would love to wear. You would not believe how much is gender stereotyped on our high-street!

It all sounds amazing! All we can say is, please please please keep us updated as we can’t wait to see what’s to come next! AND last but not least - have you got a favourite kids fashion brand?

I absolutely love the Kenzo range for kids. The sweaters are so cool with splashes of bright colours that are unbelievably comfy. This is key for my kids. They wear dresses in summer because they don’t need tights underneath. In their minds they are comfortable, yet, in winter they are not so keen!

They also love colour, which I am constantly fighting as I go for a more muted colour palette look! At the moment Dr Martens are loved by my youngest as she thinks she’s in fancy dress and my eldest can’t wear her Atsuyo et Akiko pirate t-shirt enough! We generally end up buying lots of clothes in metallic colours. I would love to get my eldest the Molo striped gold and black leggings for Christmas as they look so cool and comfy whilst still being feminine! From a high street point of view Gap is great for us but that’s mainly because sports gear is worn a lot by Ava. She is football and tennis mad!

Sports all the way! We are really in to health and fitness so we are all over that! We LOVE the sporty look and would wear it all the time if we could. We too are big fans of metallic so we couldn’t agree with you more on that trend. And Molo – well…great choice but we are biased haha!

Charlie it has been fab having you on #gossipstation and getting to know a little bit more about you, the blog and your exciting plans for the near future! Wooo wooo bring on Charlie Made! We can’t wait for more to be revealed.

Join is next time for lots more gossip and chinwagging <3

P.s. We couldn't help giving the Molo leggings to Charlie's daughter! Here's a snap of her working it...

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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