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Welcome back to #gossipstation where we are joined by the lovely Michelle Faust Berthels from our fabulous kids fashion client molo!

Michelle thank you so much for joining us for a chinwag! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about molo and how it started...

Hello everyone! The idea for molo came from a lust to be ‘the naughty boy of the class’ and to spice up the kids fashion, which at that time was very light blue and baby pink, if you have to put it out crudely. So, it was time for a change. We wanted to create a kidswear brand that was edgy and urban but had a playful look with character.

molo started from complete scratch in an apartment in Copenhagen with only two sets of hands to do everything. This included designing, purchasing, sales, marketing, administration as well as logistics.

The brand name ‘molo’ was actually established more than 10 years ago by the CEO Mogens Jepsen and his former colleague, a designer called Louise Frederiksen. molo is a composition of the two first letters in each of their names.

We love it when a brand name has a story and substance behind it! What about the ethos of the brand…

There are 3 keywords that capture the essence of molo and are vital to the development of the collections;

Urban: our style is urban and it captures the essence of the Scandinavian rawness and edge.

Curiosity: we have always been and will always be curious in everything we do. Not only in how we design but also in the way all our departments are working. Being within kids fashion is a journey of learning. You can never stop learning and for us it is important always to remember that.

Quirky: quirky is a big part of our identity. Not only in how we design our clothes by making small, quirky details and mix the different fabrics but also in the way we make our imagery. It does not have to be the perfect kids, the perfect surroundings or the perfect set up. We want the quirky. E.g. the girl with short hair or the abandoned warehouse.

We love that and that’s why we love the brand so much! We always say the weirder the better! Life’s too short to be normal hey? So, what is it about kid’s fashion that you personally love?

Besides everything we have already said, we love that kids fashion is a very playful field to work within. There are almost no limits for which ideas you can come up with. Design-wise we stay ahead by allowing a big playroom for our talented designers. With that said it’s a bit more challenging to work around those ideas in practice as the clothes often have to redeem lots of standards and requirements besides practicality and not forgetting comfort. But we develop a lot and if you ask people within finance, there are a lot of things that we should not be producing, but we do it anyway to create out-of-the-box designs that will make us stand out. And that’s what we love about doing kids fashion! It’s not always easy, but the output is beyond satisfying.

Last, but not least, you also have to believe in what you do to break through the field within kids fashion. The world is full of clothes so in order to survive there should be a reason-to-be for your brand and that you can obtain through innovation. So we not inform ourselves that much within kids fashion, because if it is seen here, then it is seen before and then it will not turn out as something new and innovative.

We couldn’t of said it better ourselves! AND that’s why we love shouting about the brand so much, so that everyone can share the f-a-b-ulousness of it! So, what's coming up for the brand in 2016? Can you spill the beans on anything?

On the current SS16 collection we haven’t done a specific collaboration with anyone, but we recently launched a limited edition collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016. The response so far has been very positive so that’s great! We have more cool things coming up – but you’ll have to wait and see.

The suspense will kill us but we are sure that the outcome will be worth it! Can you reveal any insider info on the AW16 collection?

Actually I can’t haha sorry! Besides it’s the strongest collection that we’ve ever made with insanely cool and interesting color palettes. We believe much more in letting people enjoy each current collection when it launches. If we reveal too much ahead of time it doesn’t leave people anything to look forward to!

That’s a good point as, as we all know, the fashion industry is a constant whirlwind! Where's the best place to draw inspiration?

Our designers find their inspiration from all over the world or in their nearby surroundings. This can be everything from music, postcards, travels and museums to people on the street, buildings and flea markets. They will look into shapes, materials, trends, colors etc. in order to create an innovative collection with lots of new twists. All of these factors never compromise the quality of the products.

We have among others made prints from personal photos of our employee’s, from one of the designers kid’s toys and fresh flowers bought on the local street market.

Life is a constant flash of moving pictures isn’t it? What do you hope molo can bring to the world of kids fashion?

For us, it will always be about offering favorites for the child’s closet and be ‘the best one in the class’ doing it. We have grown a lot over the past years and we still have a lot of things we want to obtain. We will keep on being innovative, curious and making the journey full of fun.

A-M-E-N! We can’t wait for the next steps and to be with you on the exciting adventure! What can we expect from the final SS16 drop?

molo’s last drop takes you from hyper summer in LA to a cool off in San Francisco. Everyone knows that there is no place like LA! So, of course this is where we end our journey with our SS16 collection. The second delivery invites you to go play a game of tennis in the morning and ride your surfboard in the evening with the twilight arch displaying the sunset’s many different orange-red hues of colors. Have a break in comfy clothes in sun bleached shades and blue tones, feminine palm prints, lots of stripes and a touch of 70-vibes.

The boys have to make sure to catch one of the retro comebacks as t-shirts in ringer-style or with elbow length sleeves and stripes. For the girls, the Sourpuss print with cats and swiss leaves are worth investing in like the most adorable fine cotton terry set in douche pink and green colors.

Woah we are so ready for the drop! It’s going to be out of this world – we can feel it! Michelle thank you so much for joining us, it has been fab as ever hearing about the brand and all of the exciting things that go on in the molo world! We can’t wait for what’s to come!

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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