Gossip Station: Becky Seager

Joining us on #gossipstation is such an absolute bea-u-ty! Not only has she has been a huge support to us from get go but she produces unbelievably stunning work. Put your hands together for fabulous stylist Becky Seager.

Ahhh Becks thank you so much for taking a mo out of your whirlwind to have a quick Q&A with us! So, tell us what is it that you love about fashion?

Hello everyone! Hmmm let’s see….what do I love about fashion? Everything!! I love to find new fresh genius designers and creative talents! To me, there is nothing without clothes! I love the saying - life’s too short to dress down!!!

It’s such a good saying isn’t it? AND Becks can we just say that you never fail to disappoint! How did you get in to styling?

I got into styling at college but have been obsessed by clothes ever since I was super super young!

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from absolutely everything! It could be from vintage clothes , films , books , people walking down the street, national costumes , art or things I see every day!

Your eyes are like a motion picture! Has there been a project in your career to date that's been your highlight?

I don’t know what my highlight would be as I love every job I do no matter how plain or how outrageous it is. Just being able to live out your fantasy through costume design and style is great enough!

That’s why we love you as your enthusiasm is infectious! Who is your style icon?

My style icon is the stylist Panos Yiapanis who is a truly and utterly talented stylist! For personal style - there are too many!

There are so many iconic figures for different reasons aren’t there? What's coming up for the fabulous BS?

I’m really lucky as I have a lot of shoots and projects coming up - too many to mention so watch this space!

Yaaaay that’s what we like to hear! What kids fashion brands are your faves?

My favourite kids fashion brands are Bang Bang Copenhagen ,Victoria Plum, MSGM, Neighborhood Kids , Bonpoint and Ralph Lauren to name a few. I love extreme cool Scandi style but also really beautiful classics - So a huge mixture.

A mashup is good as that’s what keeps it exciting! Ah Becks it’s been so fab having you on #gossipstation for a chinwag! NEVER change as we absolutely adore you and can’t wait for the near future. Sending you lots of kisses.

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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