Belieber Inspo

Were the Brits beyond a-m-azing or was it our imagination? Hmmm no they were out of this world! There were so many incredible performances but JB really did out do himself! Not only did he do a fab performance but his jacket was out of this world! We couldn't take our eyes off of it- (we mean him too obviously!)

So, with Bieber on the mind, we decided to pull together a few of molo's bomber jackets to share with you as they are known for their staement pieces! We know that prints aren't for everyone so we have thrown a few plain options in there too so that everyone is looked after.

But the question is..which one would you choose? Would you keep it simple or would you take the plunge like Bieber?

Or, if you think like us and are on our wavenlength it's more about different day different look. That sounds a lot better doesnt it?

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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