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Joining us on #gossipstation is the fabulous, newly turned kid’s fashion designer Kelly Ekardt who has just launched her new, unbelievably cool kids fashion label girlstalkstoboys! We are so excited to have her with us for a chat as we know that it’s something that she has wanted to do for a while and we are just bursting with joy that she has gone for it! Woah HUGE congrats Kelly! So, enough babbling from us, let’s get to it…

Kelly thanks so much for joining us. So, please tell us, what made you decide to take the plunge and become a kids fashion designer?

Designing clothes has always been a passion of mine which is why I decided to study fashion design at university. I first became a stylist in the States where I am from, but then when I moved to London. Even before I had my daughter I was intrigued by childrenswear. I had been working in the children's fashion industry for 7 years before I decided it was time to follow my dream and design my own kid’s collection.

Yay and we are so pleased that you did as from what we can see the collection looks fab fab fab! Where has your inspiration for the collection come from?

My main inspiration comes from my daughter, Edith. So cliché isn't it, but it's true. I studied her style, what she enjoyed wearing, took that and ran with it. I am also very inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion. I just love the way that they dress. It's so layered, laid-back and cool!!!!

You’re so right! Their style is super cool and we love how ‘out there’ it can be. Talk to us about the collection...

The first collection is called ‘Beneath the Milky Way Dreams Come True’. I have always had a fascination with stars, the night sky and dreams, so I wanted it to be based around following my dreams. Edith also has a major fascination with stars. She must get it from me!

I used this theme to create dreamy/sketchy prints and combined the prints with smart but casual clothing. The basis behind the brand is that everything can be layered and goes together to create amazing outfits. No matter what you choose it will look really cool. This makes choosing pieces for the buyer and the customer super easy because everything goes together, there is no wrong choice!

That’s the dream isn’t it? We love the name of the collection and the fact you’ve personalised it. For us, that’s a winner right there! Why the name girlstalktoboys?

The name girlstalktoboys comes from a trip my husband and I took to Vienna several years ago. In the city centre a sign read, ‘FACT: girls that talk to boys at a younger age will have better relationships when they are older.’

I thought this was really interesting because it can apply to both girls and boys. It's about instilling confidence in your children to be themselves and not to be afraid to talk to those around them. To express themselves freely and I am helping kids do this by designing a collection that they love and makes them feel good about themselves. My daughter dresses herself now and she loves picking out her clothes. When she wears a dress she loves, she's very happy!

What a fab story and such a nice way of putting it! What is it about kids fashion that you LOVE so much?

Kids fashion is fun, exciting, really rewarding and the kids are amazing to work with. They are so unpretentious. They're just being kids and that's what amazing! And the other mothers/women are really great in this industry too!! There's a lot of support!

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? When everyone supports one another it just makes it so much easier. What's coming up for girlstalktoboys?

I am finishing up a crowdfunding campaign, watch this spot! I'll need your support. I'm finishing up my SS17 collection, which I am very excited about. AND I’m looking forward to the Alegre Press Day and upcoming tradeshows in the summer!!! (Playtime and dot to dot)

Wooo wooo you will definitely have our support for the crowdfunding campaign which launches this Monday 21st March so make a note guys n gals!

Kelly it has been fab having you for a gossip, thanks so much for joining us! We absolutely LOVE your debut collection and are so happy that you took the plunge. Huge congrats again and we can’t wait for the press day.

Visit girlstalktoboys official website below:


Big Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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