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We are so excited to be joined by the fabulous Lara Mullis from lifestyle brand IzziRainey on our Alegre #gossipstation as she is just an absolute beaut! Lara has been a bestie from when I (Alegre Kate) was young so it is with great pleasure to be able to have a chat with her about their unbelievably exciting journey. We are HUGE fans of the pieces and are sure that you will be too.

La, La, La, for those that don't know your fabulous brand IzziRainey can you please describe it to them in a nutshell...

Yes of course! Izzi and I founded and established IzziRainey in the year 2014. We are a Norfolk-based company which designs and manufactures high quality homeware and interior products.

Our products combine a distinct and edgy nature, which means that they work just as well in a cool country house as they do in a contemporary urban setting. The collection pieces are designed and produced in Norfolk and the UK. This is in keeping of our belief in British design, production and something that we feel very strongly about.

We love the fact that you stay true to your beliefs. So tell us, what new products are you going to be launching for the new season?

We are really excited as we have just launched a new collection of products which have been produced in a selection of fantastic new prints.

We will be bringing out our new range of melamine kitchenware; including coasters, placemats and chopping boards. Again, in a range of new prints.

It is all being produced for us in the UK, all in keeping with our IzziRainey ethos of British production and design. We are also launching a new range of glassware.

The prints are fab! What an exciting time for you ladies and so much going on! Are you and Izzi taking IR in a different direction?

Yes we have expanded our product range, especially our homeware range. We are really looking forward to having our new melamine kitchen products alongside our printed glass tumblers! We have also introduced some new fabric products too, which will include oven gloves, fabric napkins and AGA hob covers too. All of our products are all made in the UK, as we believe so strongly in supporting British manufacturers! We are trying to create a lifestyle brand, so by expanding our kitchen and homeware range we feel like we are getting ever closer.

It’s so nice when people support one another! Where has the inspiration for the new products and prints come from?

We have decided to expand our homeware and kitchenware range after lots of our customers were asking for certain products. We engage a great deal with our customers and listen to the product requests that we so gladly receive.

Izzi takes influence for her prints from the ever-evolving Norfolk countryside and also her family’s farm in Norfolk. Her prints are based on the culmination of the unexpected colour found on her family’s farm. These are then combined with the bold and textural shapes which have always surrounded her in the agricultural environment on the farm in Norfolk.

Izzi’s family farm is the location of our office and studio. The changing seasons and farm activity provide continual inspiration for the continuous evolution of the business. Izzi takes all of this to create striking and fresh designs that are bold, eye catching statements in the home.

We love the fact that you live and work on the grounds of the farm! Alegre Charli would have a ball! Have you got a fave new piece from the new collection? What should we be putting on our wish list?

We both absolutely love our new melamine chopping boards! They are fantastically practical item but also add a touch of contemporary style into your kitchen.

Is that the best combo or what? We think that they may be a winner amongst all of the stylish foodies.

We are also in love with the clutches that come with brightly coloured pom poms. They’re perfect all year round which for us, ticks ALL of the boxes.

Ahhh La, it has been so fabulous having you and hearing about all of the exciting things you guys have going on. We are so excited to have you involved in our AW16 Alegre Press Day and can’t wait for the near future.

Shop IzziRainey online here

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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