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Joining us on #gossipstation is artist, yoga lover and all round foodie Alexandra from super healthy food company Punch Foods. As you know, we are big in to health and fitness, so for us, Punch Foods ticks ALL of the boxes. AND let’s be honest who doesn’t love real good food? So, let’s get to it…

Alexandra, thank you so much for joining us. Can you start off by telling us where the idea and journey for Punch Foods began?

Hello everyone! I knew that I wanted to work in food from a young age, and made most of my pocket money through doing various catering jobs. My specialty was gluten free cakes and I would often be asked to fill people’s freezers with flourless chocolate torte for the summer holidays. The idea evolved into making snacks mainly during my art student years in London. I found it hugely frustrating that there was such a lack of snack choice for those who had intolerances. There is a lot more now but five years ago the choice was pretty poor and so much of the snacks were dominated by additives and sugar. My issue was with so many of the 'health bars' that claimed to be incredibly good for you but very often still had up to 18g of sugar in them. Dates, honey, fruit and coconut sugar are all better for you than refined. But in the end, our bodies process all sugar in exactly the same way so whether it comes from a raw fruit and nut bar or a chocolate chip cookie you still need to keep an eye on it. What I really wanted to do was to create an on-the-go snack that really delivered on taste without giving you a sugar spike. Even our Coconut Brownie only has 2g. I sweeten the Superseeds with only a touch of organic, unrefined coconut sugar as a little goes a long way.

We love that you’ve turned your passion in to a career! Can you talk to us a little bit about the brand and your ethos...

The Punch Foods philosophy is based around my own ethos: Eat real – Feel real. It’s about a celebration of eating well and feeling well, and celebrating deliciously good food, and I really wanted to share that with people. I am of the belief that if you fancy a brownie or a good pudding you should absolutely go for it. I do! The Superseeds are designed to fit into anyone’s life; our tubes are handily designed to be totally portable with their resealable lids. I like to think that they’re designed to go where you go. The pouches are just designed to sprinkle on everything and anything. I was getting so many requests for these I just thought I had to make them but the point of them isn’t just to limit them to kale salads and porridge. Whilst Punch Foods is about natural and real living and food, I am always trying to emphasize that this doesn’t have to mean purely eating vegetables. Whilst I am not a red meat eater and avoid gluten, my boyfriend often makes a spaghetti and meatball dish for him that he loves putting the Chilli Smoke on. He says they give it a real flavour kick and crunch. And that really is the point - to bring some flavour and excitement to people’s everyday food and hopefully make meals that bit more exciting.

Seriously, we love the way they can carted anywhere you go without the issue of spilling everywhere! We are always on the go, so the practicality of Superseeds is amazing! AND we LOVE seeds so it’s a winner for us! What makes Superseeds perfect for kids?

For years, I travelled around with little packets of seed mixes in my bag, tied up with hairbands, and would inevitably end up with a nice pile of loose seeds rolling around at the bottom of my bag. So I put a lot of work into creating a truly practical packaging solution. Now Superseeds come in little tubes with lids that pop on and off, so you can enjoy them throughout the day. It’s this mess-free approach to snacking that makes them great for kids. A tube of Superseeds works brilliantly in a packed lunch, allowing for fun snacking in a healthy way, and will keep kids full for longer and boost their energy but not their sugar levels. The recipes are also 100% nut free, so for schools that ask parents to avoid nut-based snacks they are a perfect alternative. People often say they are like smarties tubes which I love! If we can get children enjoying Superseeds instead of smarties every so often then we are winning at making a little difference in the world.

We like your way of thinking and it’s so true! It’s all about trying to change their mind set especially when it comes to health and well-being. What flavour’s do you make? Is there a favourite amongst your consumers?

It would have to be Coconut Brownie or Chilli Smoke. I don’t think I go a day without eating the Chilli Smoke. Generally I add them to my meals and sprinkle them on salads, avocado on toast, eggs, soup or anything really. They are my absolute favourite on eggs and I seriously advise people to try them that way. I tell people to try them that way all the time and so far I have only had converts. Coconut Brownie is my flavour of choice for an afternoon pick-me-up and Cinnamon Spice works great on porridge. There is a special place in my heart for all of them really. The other flavours are Maca Caramel and Japanese Tamari. Both make wonderful snacks and Japanese Tamari is a lovely meal topper, especially on anything Asian inspired as it has a real umami flavour.

It’s great as you’ve really thought about your consumer and catered to their needs! We are a huge fan of seeds, nuts etc and Superseeds just ticks so many boxes for us! Can you please tell us what's coming up for the brand?

I have lots of exciting ideas of how I want Punch Foods to grow. I want to expand our range, and also grow creatively so watch this space! Punch Foods was always meant to be more of a lifestyle business than just a food brand. I want to try to have a little impact on the way we live as well as the way we eat.

Sometimes it’s the small things which end up being the best and there is nothing better than being on that creative adventure! We can’t wait to hear and see more from you! As we have said, we love your brand and are so excited to have you on board for our #alegrepressday in April.

Check out Punch Foods online here and let us know which products you will be adding on to your shopping list.

Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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