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Welcome back to #gossipstation where we are joined by super stylish New Yorker Isabel Mortel, who is both an entrepreneur and the editor of kids fashion magazine Youngstrs.

Isabel! Thank you so much for joining us! It’s fab to have you with us for chinwag! Let’s start off by you telling us about yourself and your background…

Hello everyone! I’m Isabel and I’m a NY fashionista mom and a girls’ boutique business owner in NY, United States. I’m also the editor in chief for Youngstrs Kids Fashion Magazine!

I’m a married mommy with have two kiddos and we live in Long Island, NY.

We absolutely love NY! The city is absolutely amazing! Did you know that you always wanted to be involved in this industry?

Before diving into the fashion and modelling industry I knew that I always wanted to build a business where my daughter, Ava who is 7 years old and I can share the same love and interest in fashion. We are able to select cute, hip, and trendy girl clothes in buying appointments together and sell them in our boutique.

It’s so nice that you can do this together! Where do you go for inspiration?

We do this by attending runway shows at New York Fashion Week and Petite Parade and a selection of tradeshows in NY. This gives us an idea of what will be trending for the upcoming season.

That’s every girls dream isn’t it? We also understand that you do consultations. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

Yes we do! We also help mommies and girls by giving advice on trending pieces for the four seasons in U.S. We love showing them the different variations and the ways that they can mix and match current styles and brands!

That must be so much fun! Do you feel like you’re in the perfect job?

I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love. I am able to be creative, imaginative and also to work with a super dedicated group of people in our magazine, meet such brilliant designers, photographers and models who are all the structure of FASHION!

You’re right about that! It’s all about having the right support network! What are some of your favourite pieces of the season?

Here are some pieces that we love!

Shop this at our boutique here and don't forget to visit our magazine here

How cute! Isabel, thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation it has been great having you. We love people that are passionate about what they do and you tick all of those boxes!

Besos Alegre Ladies xox


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