Coachella Ella Ella

Wishing you were living it large at Coachella? Yep...thought so AND so do we! Even though we can't physically be there, we can still be there in spirit though can't we? So, with that in mind, we thought we would put some pieces together for you girlies so that you can dress to EXPRESS. Check out some pieces below and see how we would style them <3

Ok, so starting from the top and working our way down we have chosen this gorgeous hand dyed silk scarf from ACFD Designs. It's one of the newest designs and has just recently launched online. Tie it around your head and rock that hippy L, L cool look!

These gold Bueno earrings with lavender agate from Alona are a true statement and such a WINNER.

Pink bomber jackets are such a trend at the moment and if you haven't got one in your wardrobe then you must AND this one from molo ticks all of the boxes! Throw it over your shoulders when the sun sets and tie it around your waist when the dance off commences.

This printed playsuit from Isossy Children's denim collection has the Coachella edge.

Comfy footwear is essential and these exclusive Salt-Water candy mashups will not only look fab but will allow you to dance all day and all night! If they're good enough for Blue Ivy then they must be a contender.

Can't picture it all together? Then check, check, check it out below <3

Have THE best time for those that are at Coachella and for those that aren't you can still party on as it's the WEEKEND!

Big Besos Alegre Ladies xox

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