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Joining us on #gossipstation are the very talented Reg and Kahran from Creative Soul Photography. Have you seen their work? They produce absolutely gorgeous imagery so we are so excited to have them with us so that we can discover more about their exciting journey to date!

Reg and Kahran, thank you so much for joining us! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourselves?

Hello everyone! We are a husband/wife child and lifestyle photography team based in Atlanta, GA. We are mostly known for our visual storytelling and of course all of the photos that we take of cute, curly haired kids!

They are adorable! When did you decide to start Creative Soul photography and how did the idea first come about?

We started our photography business in 2009 while Reg was still in college for photography. I started learning photography along with him while he was in school and decided that there was no need to wait to start shooting. We started practicing right away. Our very first shoot was held in my Mum’s garage after she rounded up a few kids for an Easter shoot. The rest was history.

We instantly smile as soon as we look at your profile as your work is always so vibrant and full of personality! Where does the inspiration for your shoots generally come from?

We get ideas from a variety of places. It could be from movies, books, TV shows, magazines, clothing or architecture to name a few. We love colour, cool locations and photos that tell a story, so we are constantly jotting down ideas for new shoots. We often hold our best ideas until we can gather all of the perfect elements together.

That’s the best way isn’t it? There is nothing better other than watching those ideas become reality! What would be the most exciting project you’ve both worked on to date?

There are so many fun ones to choose from but we’d have to say our roller girls shoot. This was a concept we had on our list for over a year before we finally pulled all of the right pieces and models together. It’s one of those shoots where everything fell in place perfectly and the results forever changed our business. This shoot has been shared all around the world and made us realize that we could photograph what we love in our own style.

That’s incredible – huge congratulations! What’s the best thing about working with kids?

Kids are unscripted, unapologetic and honest. We absolutely love their innocence and honesty. Being able to capture all of that and their stories on camera is the best.

And you do such a fab job of it too! Is there anything exciting coming up in 2016 that we should keep an eye out for?​

We are prepping for a few international trips towards the end of the year. We’d love to expand our style of photography and capture stories of kids around the world.

Woah that all sounds very exciting! If you’re able to travel and do what you love, we think that’s the best combination! If you plan a trip to England please do let us know! Reg and Khran, thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation for a chat! We have been huge fans of your work for a long time so it’s great being able to find out more about your exciting journey to date! We can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Check out Creative Soul Photography here

Besos Alegre xox

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