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We are so excited to welcome luxury accessories brand Bax & Bay to the Alegre family. Bax & Bay's unique products have been designed to meet the needs of mum's and dad's so that they're not just changing bags, but a stylish accessory that can be used every day.

Bax & Bay's designer and creator Lynsey Burns took inspiration for the brand whilst travelling in South America. She drew on the ways families in Peru used their baby carriers to develop her initial ideas. Following two years of hard work and development, Bax & Bay was born and the result is a simple but extremely functional accessory which makes parents lives easier. Modelling some of the styles below is yummy mummy Emily Byrom @gottshot who looks absolutely fabulous.

All of Bax & Bay's products are made using the highest quality materials and take in to the account the sensitive needs and requirements of babies and children. They're washable, durable, baby friendly and safe which are ALL important factors that parents take in to account when buying an accessory.

Bax & Bay believes that if you have happy parents you are more likely to have happy kids. We too think that there is a lot of truth behind this, don't you? We love the way in which the mini ones in your life can match your style with Bax & Bay's adorable selection of 'cub bags' which come in a selection of styles and colours.

Not only are Bax & Bay's multi-functional bags super cool but they are perfect for so many things, such as a work or sports bag! AND they're great for travelling - especially with kids in tow. Discover more about this fabulous brand here

Besos Alegre xox

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