Joining us on #gossipstation is our fabulous new brand Bax & Bay! We are so excited to have creator Lynsey Burns on the show so she can tell us more about her exciting journey so far!

Lynsey, thank you so much for sparing some time to have a chinwag with us! Can you start off by telling us why you chose the name Bax & Bay…

Hello everyone, thank you for having me! Bax & Bay are the name of my children - Baxter, 3 and Bailey, 6.

I know it’s a bit cliché calling your brand after your kids however, this name is unique while being personal to us and we think it both sounds and looks great.

It’s personal and tells a story which is what makes it interesting! Can you describe the brand to us in a nutshell and why you think parents should invest in Bax & Bay

Our brand is all about parents maintaining a sense of self and retaining their individual style once they have had children. We want to create products that parents love using because they are beautiful AND functional. We believe that you should never have to sacrifice style over practicality.

Our luxury products are made in Scotland and designed to last.

You’re so right – you should never have to sacrifice style over practicality. We love your ethos and brand messaging! Have you got a favourite accessory that you’ve created so far?

My favourite bag so far is the Faux Suede Cub Bag in Navy. I just love it so much!

We are past the nappy and feeding stage however I find the Cub Bag great for daily use. It's brilliant as a work bag, great for travelling and I’m looking forward to using one at the festivals this summer.

Your accessories are mutli–functional and appealing to so many markets. I haven’t got kids and I love them! Can you tell us where you draw inspiration from?

My first Cub Bag was inspired by a trip around South America. I loved the traditional baby carriers used by Peruvian women and how multi-functional they were. As the bags have developed we have taken inspiration from current trends for suede and artisan styles.

Our summer star cotton bag was a little nod to David Bowie and our Cobalt Embroidered bag for Autumn/Winter has definitely been influenced by my love of Alessandro Michele's work at Gucci. I have always seen our bags complimenting luxury clothing brands and remaining subtle, while not taking over an individual look.

They are bags designed to complement fashion rather than make a huge statement. This philosophy will continue as our brand evolves.

We love the fact that you draw on cultural traditions, social movements and fashion trends when creating and developing your accessories! It keeps the brand and industry alive which is exciting. Can you tell us what’s coming up for Bax & Bay?

So much is going on…

Our beautiful cotton bags for summer are currently available retailing at £119.

This summer we have launched a small, fun, branded accessories range (beach totes and travel mugs) with a percentage of each sale going to the Miscarriage Association. I have wanted to do something for this charity since we launched and this is a small step towards our longer term goals of working directly with a charity.

In late summer we will launch bed linen and blankets for babies and children, featuring different takes on our fox head logo.

Also in late summer we launch our Baxter clutch bags, a compact bag, which includes a folding changing mat.

In Autumn we will launch our new Cub Bag colour ways in faux suede (orange, slate grey and cobalt featuring an embroidered fox heads)

AND last, but not least, we have a beautiful new bag design in the pipeline and hope to show this at Dot to Dot London on the 19 & 20th June 2016.

Wow you weren’t lying when you said that you had a lot on. What an exciting time for you and we are so honoured to be involved! Thank you so much for joining us on #gossipstation to tell us about your incredible adventure so far.

We can’t wait till Dot to Dot London and hope that everyone puts it in their diaries.

Besos Alegre xox

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