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Joining us on #gossipstation for a chinwag are ladies Sarah, Sophie and Siobhan from ‘Best of the Blogs’ according to Baby London magazine – pocketnannies. After reading this in the latest issue we had to get in contact as we not only loved the concept but were itching to find out more! So, we are super excited to find out more about these ladies who are providing an accessible nanny guide at your fingertips online. So, let’s get to it and learn more about this trio and discover why they decided to start a blog.

Thank you so much for joining us pocketnannies it is so lovely to have you with us! Can you please start by introducing yourselves and telling us where you’re from?

Hello everyone…

I’m Sarah, I’m 27. I’m originally from Somerset but London is definitely home now. I’m a nanny to three lovely children. I’ve been with them for almost six years.

I’m Sophie and I’m 26. I grew up in Scotland and I’ve been in London for six years looking after two wonderful little girls. I’ve nannied for three amazing families whilst living in London.

I’m Siobhan. I’m 25 and I’m from Bath. During my six years of nannying I’ve looked after 37 children through trouble-shooting and holiday nanny positions.

Wow supernannies or what?! How did you all meet and what made you all decide to set up pocketnannies?

The three of us met during our training at Norland College in Bath eight years ago. We are all quite similar in our approach but we have such varied experiences to enable us to bounce ideas off each other.

We set up pocketnannies because we found ourselves trying to find a “one stop shop” resource for all those involved in the care of children, that wasn’t a baby manual. We wanted to provide flexible suggestions and opinions on a wide range of child related topics to suit all kinds of families and care givers.

We love the idea and the fact that you can all bring different things to the table is fab! What do you hope for people to achieve when visiting pocketnannies?

We would like people to come away feeling inspired by our content. We want our blog to be an easy platform to use in order to find creative activities, up & coming events, delicious family recipes and new story books. As well as useful products, expert opinions on child related topics and top tips that we have acquired in our combined 18 years of nannying.

We need to introduce you to some of our clients as we think that they would be great for your target market! What obstacles do you find that you come across as nannies?

We find being able to adapt our own practices to suit each individual child (even within the same family) requires a constant shift in our techniques to provide the right care for each child we have looked after.

For example, in temp and holiday nanny roles you need to be able to land on your feet and get to know each child quickly to assess how best to work with them. Whilst in a permanent role you need to be able to approach the same milestones with siblings i.e. potty training, in a potentially completely different way that will suit that particular child.

From experience, what would be your top 5 nanny tips?


Children thrive in a consistent environment.


Key to having a strong working relationship with your employers.


Important to make everyones day run smoothly.

Fun and enthusiasm

Everyday should be filled with happiness.


Giving children new and exciting experiences and allowing their imaginations to come alive.

Such good advice and from no better trio who have an incredible amount of experience! We feel very privileged to have a snippet of your inside knowledge! So, when you’re not working what are your fave things to do?

In our own time we all love to travel, sometimes together, sometimes not.

We all love to eat so you are bound to find us all in our kitchens or out drinking coffee and eating lots of cake somewhere.

We all enjoy the odd concert, night in the pub and just hanging out with our friends.

That sounds like a pretty good mixture to us. We too LOVE to travel so like you, that is at the top of our list.

Ladies, it has been so fab having you on #gossipstation so that we could learn a little bit more about you! We love what you are doing and can’t wait to work on projects together.

Visit pocketnannies here and share your experiences.

Besos Alegre xox

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