Joining us on #gossipstation is Mum of two, blogger and Babiekins contributor Beth Morris from social media profile The Morris Mob which we are huge fans of! Her mini’s are super stylish and have most recently been in the latest issue of Little One Magazine which launched last week.

Without any further blabbing from us, please join us in welcoming Beth for a chinwag.

Hi Beth, thank you so much for joining, can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your family?

Hi right back at you! We are a little family of four living down under here in beautiful New Zealand. Our pigeon pair is Franca aged 6 and Ashton aged 4. We love to get out and about for adventures together whether it is near to home or further afield. We balance this with fun time around the home as well as we hanging out with our friends which we love.

We love following you on Instagram; your kids are always so well dressed and we can only imagine that it inspires so many people when it comes to dressing their kids! What would your top tips for styling kids be?

Well I’ve certainly had to relax my styling in the last year with them as they are reaching the ages of having an opinion on what they wear. One tip is just to keep it quality over quantity.

I always make sure their drawers include great brands that can be mixed with a selection of basics and different colours. That way, whatever they choose goes together in some ways. I love some of the outfits Franca puts together as it is her style and she mostly gets it right. Ashton still has a kindy drawer that’s only allowed for kindy days!! This is so he can wear that Captain America hoody to his hearts content.

I advise people to invest in some timeless pieces that their kiddies can wear for a few seasons. I mostly upsize too so they last a few years and buy some great unisex pieces that can be handed down too.

That’s such a good point! We love this factor about unisex pieces. When and why did you decide to share your life and kids on social media?

I’d always been a bit of a social media fan from when Facebook was the bee’s knees, but that was really just for friends and family. When I got introduced to Instagram it was right up my ally. I have always been into clothing the kids well in unique brands and through Instagram they are all able to be discovered under one roof.

I started to then share the children dressed in the brands and it evolved from there. I love the community and have made some fabulous friend that I meet up with regularly so it’s only positive vibes from us.

It’s incredible the way the social world works now isn’t it? What in particular do you look for when shopping for kid’s clothes?

I look for uniqueness, quality, comfort and practicality. We still have a few mainstream items from chain stores but I try to shop small most of the time by looking for clothing that the kids will look great in but still be comfortable enough to wear around all day on our adventures.

That is the key isn’t it? Do you have a favourite kids clothing brand? AND what about a favourite adult clothing brand?

Oh I have a few… Carbon Soldier, Bobo Choses, Tutu du Monde and Mini Rodini for a few kids.

For me, One Teaspoon, Misterzimi, Spell, Bassike and Zara, H&M are wardrobe fillers.

We saw Carbon Soldier at Playtime and fell in love with it! Are there any trends you’d love to see come back into fashion?

I love the vintage look that is creeping in for kids but I think it looks much better on the under 5s with what’s around at the moment. I’d love to see more vintage 40s-50s inspired dresses for the older girls.

Last but not least, in your opinion, what is the most challenging thing about being a mother?

I think mumma guilt is a huge challenge as we are always beating ourselves up about what we may be doing wrong trying to bring up the little people in our lives. Too much screen time, too many hot chips etc etc but we are all doing amazing jobs. Our children are healthy and happy so trying to accept that and just do what we do without the guilt is a weekly challenge.

And being a ringmaster with my two daily!

In the grand scheme of things health and happiness are very important and the other things – well they can wait! It has been beyond fab having you on #gossipstation for a chat. Thank you so much for joining us! We love what you’re doing so keep on doing your thing as we always feel super inspired.

Besos Alegre xox

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