Joining us for FAB FIVE on your favourite chat show gossip station is the newest member of the Alegre family; Molly Ajeto. Molly is also a Norfolk chica (aren’t all the best ones?) and we are so excited to have her involved in the exciting journey bringing her own creative flair and flavour to spice things up. But enough blabbing as always, let’s jump to it and have a goss!

Molly, Molly, Molly! So, you’ve just finished University - how exciting! Can you tell us a little bit about what you studied and the kind of projects you worked on during your time there?

Hello everyone! Unlike most young people, I was really lucky as I always knew that fashion was the path for me.

After studying fashion at school and being obsessed with it throughout my teenage years (my poor dads bank account), I joined the University for the Creative Arts in the September of 2012 for a ‘Fashion Journalism’ degree.

With only three universities providing ‘Fashion Journalism’, getting a place was needless to say rather competitive! The first year of Uni was an avalanche of knowledge surrounding fashion and certainly prepared me for what was to come.

More often than not, students complain about their projects etc. but not me. ‘Fashion Journalism’ had THE most exciting modules. Whether we were tasked to interview celebrities or create photo-shoots based on the eighties blitz kids, I loved it all!

(Cover of KNACK magazine)

For me, the stand out project had to be my final major project which took place in third year. It consisted of creating my own magazine (ENTIRELY BY MYSELF). This seemed impossible, yet after three months of slight madness I became the proud editor in chief of KNACK Magazine. 30’000 words, photo shoots, interviews, features and hours of InDesign, evolved my humble idea into a thick magazine full of wonderful words from creative soles who innovate art and fashion outside of digital realms.

(Shot taken from eveningwear editorial in KNACK magazine)

(Shot taken from beachwear editorial in KNACK photoshoot)

The ethos of KNACK magazine was to create a platform for handcrafting artists and designers, so they could be heard in an industry dominated by ’the digital’. I couldn’t have been prouder of what I achieved, and to top it all off, my magazine received a first!

You definitely should be. Guys, I have seen the magazine and I can say that it is pretty freaking cool! Mols definitely smashed it and is a very creative person indeed - something we love here at Alegre Media! Where do you think your creativity stemmed from?

Haha, I guess I am quite creative! It might sound rather cliché but I honestly have no idea where it stemmed from (sorry mum and dad… only kidding)! I can definitely gage a guess as to why I’m creative, but I believe that’s born out of the environment and the characters that have surrounded you throughout life.

If we’re really trying to find someone to blame for my creativity (Haha), we can look to my family and friends.

My wonderful mother was a singer in her 20’s and always dabbled with painting and artistic pass times. My sister works within the film industry, and was always a lover of multimedia studies at school. I remember coming downstairs for the loo at 3 in the morning and there she was making a stop motion animation from play dough on our kitchen table. Crazy or what? There’s no avoiding creativity when it’s right in front of you like that.

I’m blessed within my friendship group as I am surrounded by individuals who thrive off creativity just like me. I guess that’s what makes us such great mates. My friends range from teachers, singers, artists, architects, graphic designers, music journalists and DJ’s so I really am consumed by it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s so refreshing to be around such passionate people. We LOVE passion! But tell us, what is it about fashion and the creative world that you truly love?

It really just is the most epic industry isn’t it? I love that every day is different when you’re working within this environment. The history of fashion evolution is fascinating and being slap bang in the middle of that on-going evolution is even more crazy; watching how new trends come into our lives like a tidal wave is wonderful. It still wows me with the way it dominates people’s lives. It’s pretty impossible to get bored (anyone who works in the fashion industry will agree with me on that one).

The best quality about fashion is how we are able to document history and events based on it. A fashion movement has the ability to label every point in our past, whether it’s skinheads, mods, hippies, punk or grunge. Along with that comes the music to accompany the styles, social movements and significant political actions of the times. Fashion is the one thing that ties it all together! I love that.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves – so well put! You have hit the nail on the head with that one. Ok, we know every fashion girl out there is bound to have a style icon; can you let us in on who yours may be?

Well just like every fashion girl, I don’t have 1; I have 100’000 (only kidding). I’ll narrow it down to my top 3 for you, if not we’ll be here all day won’t we?

I guess for me, a style icon has to be influential and for me no one fills this requirement quite like Grace Jones. Undefined by gender, sexuality and pretty much anything, there’s no category you can place Jones in, except uniqueness. My favourite quality about Grace is her ability to fuse masculine and feminine attributes which subsequently allowed her to become an Icon to women, men, transgender and everyone. AND let’s face it, she had the best stage outfits ever.

My second style queen has to be everyone’s favourite designer; Vivienne Westwood. The phrase ‘style at any age’ springs to mind. Who says you can’t have bright orange hair when you’re 75? Westwood has the ability to make anything look glamorous and her choice to wear what pleases her is what is most iconic about Vivienne and is exactly how we should all look at fashion.

I wouldn’t be a true fashion girl without naming the greatest model of all time now would I? Of course Kate Moss takes pride of place in my top three. Effortlessly cool. Need I say more? Her chic grunge and rock n roll style is one I always and will forever aspire to. She wears a baggy t-shirt, ripped jeans and leopard coat and looks absolutely fabulous. At the end of the day ladies, isn’t that what we all want?

Isn’t it just? Ab fab or effortlessly fabulous sounds good to us! We love all of those phenomenal style icons. So, now for our final question; what would you say is the most exciting thing you’ve done to date?

I can imagine for most people that’d be a difficult one to answer, but not for me. Without question, the most exciting thing I’ve done has to be travelling around Thailand for a month with my two best friends. Elephant riding, the Songkran Festival, exploring cultures, snorkelling with thousands of rainbow fish were just some of the things we got up to on our journey. It was without a doubt the best thing I have done. I’d go back in a heartbeat but the trouble is, I don’t know if I’d come back haha!

Hmmm so if you tell us you’re off for a little trip to Thailand, then we’re afraid we are going to have to refuse! But seriously, we totally agree! Thailand, travelling and all things cultural are just insane and we too highly recommend anyone to do it. It sounds ridiculously, but it opens your mind and takes your breath away (in more ways than others)

Molly, Molly, Molly it has been ab-sa-lutely fabulous having you for FAB FIVE and getting to learn more about you. Welcome to the Alegre family.

Besos Alegre xox

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