Rio Ready

We are moments away from THE biggest sporting event and we want you to be more than ready for what Rio is going to bring to the table. Even if you aren't able be in Brazil itself, it's all about getting in to the spirit of what is going to be what we think, one of THE best, most flamboyant Olympics yet. Think about it; a city full of life and culture with endless stretches of white beaches with crystal clear waters.

As a tribute to Rio, this weeks trends are ALL about choosing the brightest and most colourful pieces. We want you to be able to express yourself in a sea of people so that you are an unforgettable statement. Remember, this is Brazil we are talking about! Things aren't done in half measures, so if you find yourself second guessing anything, just go for it.

Kicking it off for the trends is the mashup for the chicos and we know we are biased in saying this but there some killer pieces for the handsome chaps. The problem we are having is deciding just which items to choose.

Brands pictured above: Beanie & Bear, Bax & Bay, Plae UK, molo, Isossy Children and Nana's Manners

We weren't lying were we? This selection of fashion items and lifestyle accessories are a winning combo! AND for the chicas, we have gone for the same kind of pieces; bright, bold and colourful as that's everything Rio. So, take it away ladies...

Brands pictured above: Bax & Bay, Plae UK, molo, Isossy Children and Beanie & Bear

All of the pieces pictured above ooze character and sas! Check out those cheeky frill bums from Beanie & Bear. We LOVE them. They are super fun and would look unbelievably fab worn on Copacabana beach.

Let us help you with your Olympic wardrobe! Go for gold and get RIO READY. We can hear the Brazilian drums already.

Besos Alegre xox

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