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With the summer Olympics now well away, it's got us thinking about footwear! With that in mind, we have pulled together a selection of brands that we would want our kids to be spotted in. There are some pretty funky brands out there but we have selected just a handful to get you started! In no particular order, lets have a lookie lookie at the ones that we think are 'hot to trot!'


Uniquely designed to fit kids feet, using the best science in the business; PLAE UK footwear allows kids to be kids and just have fun! Interchangeable tabs encourage kids to express their creativity by mix-and-matching colors. Right now we are especially loving PLAE’s limited edition “Summer Games” collection, perfect to get you in the spirit for the Rio 2016 Olympics if you haven't already!

MAA Shoes

MAA Shoes take us to a whole new world; their handmade, high quality designs are full of sparkles, patterns and bold colors, sure to impress any kid. The Spanish footwear brand set up by three brothers In 2010 has had it’s fair share of celebrity attention over the years, being worn by the daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum just to name a few!


Fresh, creative and ultra cool styles are what popular Los Angeles based footwear brand, AKID are known for. Their range of sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, combat boots and more are wicked cool, especially with the addition of fun collaborations such as their current collab with Dreamworks ‘Good Luck Trolls’!


Made using organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon, Veja are one of the most eco-friendly, environmentally conscious brands on the market at the moment. Their 0 advertising policy means that their products speak for themselves, while also saving resources. Our favorite Veja collection to date is their collaboration with Bobo Chooses!

Young Soles London

Perfect for special occasions or just a fancy night out, Young Soles London is known for their high quality and classic British style footwear. All shoes are designed with the child in mind, contouring the leather to the natural shape of their foot, making it a comfortable fit every time!

So that's it guys! We've given you our round up of some of our favourites BUT the big question now is what are yours? We would LOVE to hear your thoughts so pleased tweet us @AlegreMedia

Besos Alegre xox

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