If the Olympics hasn't inspired you to get your sweat on then we don't know what will! Regardless, wear some of the coolest sporty pieces with this fab mashup for boys and no-one will never know whether or not you've got just 'all the gear and no idea'.

Brands pictured above: Loud Apparel, molo, Plae UK, Isossy Children

For the chicas, bring out your inner spice girl with this super trend mashup up! Work them aand you'll be giving Spice Girls Mel C a run for her money! Sporty doesn't mean playing it safe! It's ALL about pushing the boundaries and rocking things you never thought were possible. We mean, come on, check out this molo faux fur bag! Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen?

Pictured above: molo, Plae UK, Isossy Children, Bax & Bay

Whatever your style, whatever your vibe, just remember to strut it AND be Alegre.

Besos Alegre Media xox

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