Joining us on #gossipstation for FAB FIVE ahead of our SS17 Alegre Press Day, we have co-founder Camilla Barnard from the fabulous London based food and drink company RUDE HEALTH.

We are so excited to have the brand on board with their delicious products for the press day for our guests to enjoy. To say that they are in for a treat would be an understatement as the selection that is being provided is fabulously RUDE! So, without any further gassing from us, let’s welcome Camilla on the show…

Camilla, thank you so much for joining us! Can you start off by telling us why you decided to name the company RUDE HEALTH and where your inspiration came from…

Hello everyone! Being "in rude health" is an old English phrase meaning to be full of energy and up for life. This sense of energy encapsulates the purpose of eating healthy food.

We love the meaning of that! We know that this is going to be a hard question to answer but can you tell us what your favourite RUDE HEALTH product is so that you can recommend people to try it if they haven't yet done so?

We make almost 50 foods and drinks now and each new one becomes my favourite. So right now I'd have to say Honey Spelt Puffs which is our first children's cereal. BUT it's certainly not just for children. The one I've loved longest is The Ultimate Granola, which I have with yoghurt and fruit.

Perfect combination! We love granola and can eat it any time of the day so for us, that’s a winning choice! What has been your most exciting achievement to date with RUDE HEALTH? Can you share any secrets of what's to come?

The most exciting thing this year is the opening of our café which is right next to our office near Putney Bridge. It gives us the opportunity to make all the foods we enjoy that we can't do as Rude Health, such as all the delicious fermented foods that we love. Nick, my husband and MD of RH makes Water Kefir for the café and Bertel, the Innovations Manager makes Kombucha. While the demand for cheddar and kimchi toasties keeps the Chefs busy preparing kimchi.

That’s incredible! Huge congratulations on the opening of your café! We shall have to come and visit soon as we love your mattcha frappes with almond milk! So tell us, what is it about healthy eating that you think is so important and do you think people take it seriously enough?

If you want to be in rude health you need to eat well. Our energy comes from what we eat and drink. I think more people are taking it seriously, but in many ways I think we're too serious about it. Eating well also involves enjoying food and making meals a social occasion.

The social aspect is so important! If you can eat well and be amongst your favourites then there is no better combo! Can you recommend a restaurant in London that's your favourite and that we should all try...

Barrafina is brilliant but get there early or late to avoid queuing. I also love Elliot's in Borough Market.

Ooo we have never tried either of those before so we are going to have to add them to our forever growing foodie list!

Camilla, it has been fab having you on #gossipstation and we can’t wait to have RH involved at the press day! All we can say is continue to be RUDE as we love it!

Visit RUDE HEALTH’S website here and get yourself down to their new café to try their delicious products and dishes.

Besos Alegre xox

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