It is the craziest time for the individuals in the fashion world! Whether they're planning/working an event, attending the shows and/or participating - it is pure mayhem. Whatever it is that you are doing just make sure you do one thing for us - just one thing! Make sure you dominate it by putting your heart and soul into it whilst of course being a fashion killa as ASAP Rocky would say!

In order for that to be achieved, we have pulled together some iconic pieces for the mini's of the world. Let's be honest, they are working it at the moment! Have you not seen Beyoncé's BAE and Kanye's kiddies? They are walking, talking proof of how to be a 'fashion killa!'

Try some of these pieces and we are certain that you will give them a run for their money!

So chico's and chica's if you haven't yet got your outfits prepped for LFW then jump right on to it as time's a ticking! Life is short so why not make people stare and express who you are by funking it up.

Besos Alegre Media xox

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