Press Day Style

We are days away from our SS17 Alegre Press Day AND we are SO excited! In celebration, we thought we would throw together a few outfits for the mini chicas and chicos of the world so that your partner in crime is ready for what is going to be a fun filled event. So, without any further blabbing from us, check out these fabulous items which have been pieced together.

For the chicas: Isossy Children, Bax & Bay, molo

For the chicos: Laundry Tribe, Plae UK, molo, Bax & Bay

Of course we have chosen metallic, faux fur and all the rest to create what would be an iconic look once thrown together. If you have not yet made a note of the #alegrepressday details then now if your chance! Please see the invite below and if you have not yet done so - RSVP to save disappointment.

We are SO excited and really hope that you can join us.

Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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