This week we are extremely excited to announce that we have the very talented, Henry Boon, joining us on Gossip Station. As part of the SS17 Alegre Media Press Day, us Alegre chicas and this talented young illustrator have joined forces to create Alegre Media’s first ever artist collaboration! Exciting stuff right? With Henry’s original and quirky style, we are ecstatic to launch the ‘Henry Boon artist collaboration’ featuring exclusive tote bags, tees and stickers!

But enough from us, let’s hear from the artist himself about the ideas that inspired this exclusive…

First of all Henry, thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station! Can you kick off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your work…?

Hi guys. Well I was born and raised in Leicestershire moving to Norwich about 7 years ago to study illustration at the Norwich school of art and design. I loved the city so much that I decided to stay on after graduating and have really enjoyed seeing the city grow over the past few years. My work has taken a few different forms since finishing at the art school; originally doing a lot of drawn pieces that I coloured up and finished on the computer. I have moved away from this more recently and now find myself doing a lot more paintings and street art pieces, which is where I want my work to keep heading. I still do my more commercial work like the one I’ve done for you guys, but have really enjoyed putting paint to canvas and creating original pieces of work. I recently had my first solo exhibition at flint salon in Norwich where I had 9 paintings on show.

We’ve got to say we’re huge fans of your work, it’s so individual and contemporary. Alegre Molly who went to the exhibition tells us it was one to remember and very impressive so well done! So tell us a little bit about the method behind your illustrations and what inspires them?

One of the biggest influences in my work is street art and graffiti. The colours, shapes and fills have always drawn my attention. I’ve been doing it myself for years now but I remember when I first picked up a spray can and started actually painting walls I found the way I drew had really changed and I started simplifying lines and creating more flowing illustrations. Content wise I used to draw a lot of my inspiration from the people and objects around me, which has eventually led me to start breaking these ideas down in to more abstract forms. It’s nice to have something I can really play about with and has scope to be able to grow and mould with how I’m feeling creatively at the time. I enjoy having a few different styles to work with so am always happy doing the more commercial computer based work to then being able to let loose with a spray can or paint someone a canvas.

That’s brilliant that you have discovered new things through experimenting with different methods! Have you got any other artists or illustrators you look to for inspiration or whose work you admire?

One of my biggest inspirations is actually my mum, she’s been illustrating and painting for her whole life and seeing her progression as I’ve grown up has really kept me pushing my own work and a reminder to never give up on your work no matter what. You should check her out (Debbie boon) her canvasses are incredible. A few other illustrators/painters I admire are London based illustrator Jack Sachs, the Brazilian based street Artist Muretz who I actually had the pleasure of painting with when he visited Norwich and the Danish painter Huskmitnavan. They are all brilliant and 100% worth a look at.

That’s so nice to have you Mum as inspiration! We’ll make sure we check out her work as it sounds incredible! You mentioned during the making of our collaboration that this is the first time you’ve ever created illustrations to cater towards youngsters! What elements of this particular illustration helped you to achieve this do you think?

I felt like I wanted to do something very playful and fun for this design and it was nice to simplify my shapes and go for a more refined character to suit the age range. Also, the idea to keep the colours really vibrant was another element that I think really helped with catering for the kids.

We love what you have done and are SO excited for people to see it at our Alegre Press Day Today! So tell us, what’s next on the horizon for Henry Boon? Can you share any insider secrets with us?

A lot more painting is what I’ve got planned. I’m looking to have another exhibition in 2018 and also want to start working in sculpture and 3D, I feel like this is a natural progression with the shapes and characters that I’m doing at the moment.

That all sounds so exciting!! Well, you are going to have to keep us updated as, as we said, we are huge fans and would love to check it out! Keep doing your thing and thank you so much for collaborating with us!

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Besos Alegre xox

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