We are so excited to be joined by the ever so talented photographer and creative director Nadja Pollack! She is currently working with our ultra fabby brand Isossy Children and can’t wait to find out some more about her as we love her work!

Nadja, thank you so much for taking the time to have a natter with us! Can you start off by telling us how you got in to photography?

I had been interested in photography as a teenager but never really considered it as a profession. Only when my first child was born in 2009 I decided to go ahead with it but only 3 years later it turned into a professional choice. I enrolled in photography classes and did an internship with one of the best known Dutch photographers which had a big impact on my own view of taking images.

Is your focus mainly kidswear or do you also work on other areas?

I work with a lot with kidswear brands because I enjoy working with kids and find a lot of brands out there very inspirational. However, I do also work with fashion and jewellery designers in the adultswear fashion industry. I also used to do some art work which has been exhibited mainly across Europe.

What a mixture you have had! What inspires you for the work that you produce? Do you have an icon?

I actually get inspired by a lot of things around me; by my own kids and the people I work with. Sometimes walking through a hardware store can be very inspirational because I suddenly see different purposes for tools and things. BUT I also like to be inspired by other photographers. I do like the work of Cooper&Gorfer and fashion houses like Alexander McQueen.

We love the mind of a creative and as you said, it’s always good to look at others in your sector of the industry for inspiration! So, you have recently worked on the current AW and well as the up and coming SS17 campaigns for Isossy Children! Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I got in touch with Amanda from Isossy Children via you guys at Alegre Media and I think she is following a very special path. Her clothing designs are very special and refreshing and it was very interesting to work something out that fitted both Amanda’s and my own visual ideas.

We have worked with some very nice models from The Netherlands and Belgium who gave their special touch to the campaigns.

It has been a lot of fun to work out very different ideas for Isossy that still reflect the overall feel of the brand. I enjoyed my cooperation with Isossy Children a lot.

AW16 campaign

AW16 campaign

BTS at the SS17 campaign shoot

You’re right, Amanda’s vision is incredible and we can’t wait for what’s to come! We are SO pleased that you have enjoyed the collaboration as the result has been FAB! Do you have an ultimate favourite editorial?

Hmmm let’s see! I do like a lot of work from other photographers. There is a lot of talent out there and I cannot really tell which one is my favourite.

I do have a favourite editorial from my own work which is ‘The Girls of Paradise.’ There is so much sweat and work that went in to this editorial and it turned out like a dream. I am very grateful for everyone who worked with me on it and I can still look at the pictures with a lot of joy and pride.

There is no better feeling other than seeing all of your hard work paying off. We love 'The Girls of Paradise as well as all of the other editorials that you do. We can see the passion and love for what you do and there is better. We can’t wait to see more from you and the next campaign that you are currently shooting for Isossy Children’s SS17 denim collection. We have seen the inspiration board and all we can say is that people are in for a treat!

Nadja thank you so much for joining us and for all of your continued support. We can’t wait for the near future.

Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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