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Joining us on the one and only Gossip Station for FAB FIVE is the ever so gorgeous Leti from London Lifestyle and Parenting blog ‘the inside edit’ which she co-writes with her partner Zac! We have been a fan of their profile for a long time so it was great to finally meet Leti and her adorable little girl at our SS17 press day which we recently held! So, without any further babbling from us, let’s get to it and find out some more about this yummy mummy!

Leti, thank you so much for joining us for a chinwag! Let’s start off by you telling us why you decided to go in to the world of blogging after working at Net-A-Porter for so many years…

Blogging was always something that I was interested in. I remember having MY SPACE back in the day and thought I really wanted to work more on it but never got round to it. After launching Top 100 Baby Products we started getting a lot of feedback from our followers regarding a blog. So, we've kind of done it the other way around by launching a product first and then becoming bloggers. Zac and I thought that it would be good for people to get to know us and see that we are parents trying to figure it out like everyone else.

Well we think it is great what you guys are doing and are sure that lots of others will agree! For a family who is considering to move to London, how would you sell it to them?

Where do i begin?! How much time do I have? There is so much to do here! It's one of the only cities in the world that offers such a diverse range of things to see, places to hang out, activities and culture. AND so much of it is free! We have friends in New York and Paris who constantly remind us of this along with the number of parks and green spaces. It's easy to take it for granted.

What's great is that kids absorb things so easily and they do get used to it all. My kids absolutely love taking the London bus as well as the underground and they've even managed to learn the rules of standing to the right and waiting patiently! It all sounds crazy but it is possible!

You’re right…London is an amazing city and has SO much to offer! Can you tell us about your favourite family day out in the big city...

A park is always a must and the city is full of them. We love grabbing our wheels which is a combination of scooters, skateboards and a balance bike; stretching ourselves out in Hyde park, stopping by the Princess Diana playground before heading over to the South Kensington side for a visit to one of the Museums. We normally hit the Natural History.

Weather permitting, you could stop by Diana Memorial fountain (that's twice we've mentioned her - what a legacy she's left right?) and even stop for lunch over a picnic. We love picnics as it means less mess at home which is ALWAYS a bonus.

Anything to make your life less hectic! So tell us, last but not least, how do you always look so fabulous? What is your favourite mama outfit?

Gosh that's a compliment! I remember the days when I actually had more time to consider my options. I'm a massive jean lover! I own over 20 pairs of jeans and wear all of them! AND my must have is lipstick because no matter how tired you look you can count on lipstick to give you the lift you need.

Isn’t that the truth?! Thank you thank you to all of the cosmetic genius’s for giving us the instant lift! It really is the simple things in life hey? Oh Leti it has been great having you for FAB FIVE on Gossip Station and getting to know a little more about your ‘inside edit’ of life! We love what you guys are doing and recommend everyone else to head on over to check you guys out! Visit the inside edit here

Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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