BONFIRE NIGHT: Alternative Apples

This week’s blog post is all about being alternative, as you all know us Alegre Chica’s love anything that’s a little bit different, even our toffee apples! So we’ve decided to bring you our top three selected toffee apples for this seasons Bonfire Night! Whether it’s a marble apple, a chocolate apple or even a super healthy one, we’ve got the toffee apple for you! Trust us, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be wishing every day was bonfire night! Now where are those apples?


These marble candy apples are perhaps the most beautiful things we’ve seen all year! Now we know every style girl and guy loves a bit of marble, so why not add this trendy pattern to the tastiest treats of November! Not only are they the most contemporary toffee apples we’ve ever seen, they are extremely easy to make and are certain to be the center of attention at any Autumn party this season! The beauty of these marble apples lies within their versatility, you can actually use any two-food colours that you want! In this case we adore the vibrant teal and green combination shown to us by Sugar and Charm, and we don’t know about you but we’re officially obsessed with marble toffee apples, can every night be Bonfire Night?

[INGREDIENTS] - 6 Granny smith apples | 3 cups of sugar | 1 cup of water | ½ cup of light corn syrup | 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract | White food coloring | 2 additional colors of food coloring | Candy thermometer | 6 Twigs

For directions to deliciousness please click here


You wouldn’t usually put toffee apples and healthy in the same sentence right? But ‘Half Baked Harvest’ has proved us wrong and showed us that delicious, naughty treats can be made healthy for us too! Dates are the secret, a natural sugar they present an alternative to a high sugared toffee sauce without sacrificing the scrumptious flavour! These amazing toffee apples are not only eye catching but completely vegan too, meaning that everyone gets to enjoy these tasty treats! Although you may have to fight us for them as they’re just too good to let go!

[INGREDIENTS] - 6 Granny smith apples | 16 ounces of dates | ¼ cup of coconut milk | 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract | Pinch of salt

[Chocolate coconut pecan topping] - 2 cup of chopped, toasted peanuts | 1 cup of toasted | coconut | 8 ounces of melted dark chocolate | Flakey sea salt

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Not only are these chocolate toffee apples amazingly tasty and alternative, but also they are gluten free and wheat free! These toffee apples are easy to make as well as having a quirky design that sets them apart from all of the other toffee apples! We suggest being a major chocolate lover for this recipe and embracing all things sweet! It’s ok to have a naughty treat once in a while, and ‘Wheat Free’ shows us how to do it so everyone can enjoy a tasty toffee apple!

[INGREDIENTS] - 4 Granny smith apples | 4 wooden lolly pop sticks | 225g granulated sugar | 110ml of water | 25g of butter | 2tbsp of golden syrup | ½ tsp of vinegar

[Chocolate coating] - 100g of dark chocolate | 100g of white chocolate | Chopped nuts

For directions to deliciousness please click here

Which apple option will you choose?

Besos Alegre xox

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