Joining us for FAB FIVE on gossip station is the founder and editor & chief of fabulous publication Mini Maven, Kymberly Marciano. We are huge fans so we are so excited to find some insider goss!

Kymberly, thank you so much for joining us, can you start off by telling us a little bit about your background…

Hello everyone! I am a mom to 3, advocate for children's causes, and for 20 years plus have had the pleasure to photograph thousands of children and contribute to high end fashion brands, magazines, and advertising campaigns globally. Now EIC of Mini Maven, I get to work with SO many talented creatives from a whole new angle! Love it!

Well, we love what you guys do at MM! BUT tell us, why did you decide to start Mini Maven?

Mini Maven was created to be the ultimate destination for the stylish child and parent. We celebrate Mavens who are leaders in the fields of fashion, art, culture, style, and more! As a photographer and Creative Director, It has been a dream to have a children's publication of quality, style, fashion.

There’s nothing better other than seeing your hard work pay off! Go K! What do you love so much about kids fashion?

With so many styles and brands to choose from, the sky is the limit for kids to express themselves. I also love how brands are taking on the non gender roles, non toxic fabrics keeping environment and children in mind.

We are all about the green, clean living at Alegre! We know it’s hard to choose but do you have three top kids fashion brands?

Impossible! It's like the changing of tides, ever evolving.

We thought that would be a toughie! Who is your fashion icon duo? E.g. parent and kid?

Luisa Fere and Allonso Mateo. I have known Luisa for several years, she is an incredible stylist, style icon, and mother. She is a dreamer & adventure seeker, I love the way she shares the world with her son, and her son with the world!

That’s so adorable, what a lovely thing to say! Huge hands up to that!

Kymberly, it’s been fab having you for a goss! Thank you so much for sparing a few ticks for a chat! We love what you do and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Make sure you check out Mini Maven here if you haven't yet done so already as it is fab-u-lous.

Besos Alegre xox

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