If you have not yet heard of Nenuco then now is the time to get to now it! It is an am-a-zing Spanish brand that #alegreloves and knows that you will too! They are traditionally known for their gorgeous smelling cologne that is used on babies and kiddies but also offer a large selection of toiletries and products.

It may be targeted at the 'mini ones' BUT we are HUGE fans for so many reasons! It's not overly expensive and works as a an 'everyday' fragrance. It's the perfect choice to opt for if you're not wanting to use your expensive perfume on a daily basis.

Trust us when we say...'Once you go Nenuco, you'll never go back!' AND the best part about it is that you can now purchase it in the UK here

The BIG question is though, is where will you stop? Will you go for the full collection of products or limit yourself to just the cologne?

Let us know what you go for an if you too are a Nenuco lover <3

Besos Alegre xox

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