Giana X Meme

Filipina - Mexican - American artist Giana is the ripe old age of seven and has recently collaborated with fashion brand Meme Kidswear who hosted her first show 'It's A Cool Cool World' in Seattle on November 5th.

Giana recreates high-end fashion ads using freehand drawing techniques with various mediums outside of colour crayons; taking her mothers fabulous collection of extensive books and magazines such as VOGUE to showcase her creativity.

Both of Giana's parents are hugely supportive and have created an environment at home which is full of art, design, colour and unique furniture. A place where Giana is able to thrive, gain inspiration and let her imagination run wild; resulting in wonderful illustrations and designs.

There are so many fabulous pieces but here's a drawing that Giana has done recreating a photograph of British fashion icon Miss Moss. Each piece is distinct to Giana's creative flare and we LOVE them.

Check out her online store here


You can follow her on Instagram here

We can't wait to see more especially as she's only 7!

Besos Alegre xox

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