Joining us on Gossip Station following our ultra fabulous (even if we do say so ourselves) collaboration is the lovely Nadine from online platform Kidzootd; one of THE top destinations for kids fashion, trends and inspiration!

We had been HUGE fans for such a long time so you can only imagine how excited we were to work together on the exclusive ‘Bonfire Night’ themed editorial. If you haven’t yet seen it then you must check all of the pics out here

Anyways, without any more blabbing from us let’s get to it so we can discover more about Nadine and Kidzootd.

Nadine, thank you so much for joining us, can you start off by telling us a little bit about your background and why you decided to start Kidzootd?

Hello everyone, thank you for having me! I decided to start Kidzootd just after I had my second child – my daughter. As a mother already to my son, I had a natural love for children's fashion and wanted to expand my passion in marketing. After month of researching, I decided to start @Kidzootd on Instagram to share my kids fashion outfits as well as my passion for it.

What a great idea! Can tell those who don’t know about Kidzootd a little bit about it?

Kidzootd is an advertising platform designated for kidswear. It's most popular on Instagram as I share the fashion inspirations of the followers that hashtag #kidzootd on their children's pictures.

I created the hashtag and it's now been used over 1 million times as our generation. Last year, I joined forces with an amazing photographer @deepblumonkey and together we have worked with so many amazing brands; offering advertising and photographer packages for businesses.

The website launched in Sept 15 and shows Kidzootd favourite picks, shop of the week and the coolest trends around. I based the site on my personal preference of shopping as I buy my own kids clothes a mixture of designer, independent and supermarkets brands. Before the website launched, I found was that there wasn't a site that caters for all. So with Kidzootd, instead of searching through 1000s of websites you can find everything under just one site

We think that the idea and concept is fab! AND we know that we are not the only ones as you have an incredible following as well as reputation! What do you love so much about kid’s fashion? Do you have a ‘go to brand for your kids that you can recommend to other mums?’

One thing that’s for sure is that kids should be kids and I love children having fun. Kidzootd shows so many different styles and kids having fun with fashion.

I've worked with over 100 different brands and shops and the variety is huge!

For my own children, my favourite choice of style is mainly street fashion as it looks great and is super comfy. My daughter also loves to add a bit of glam and sparkle for special occasions.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle for a night out? We know we sure do! What’s coming up for you with Kidzootd? Can you give us anything to look forward to or let us in on any insider secrets?

I can let you in on a few…

Our photography and advertising is expanding as we combine great offers for start-up businesses through to established brands.

The website will also have a few more pages added next year to keep everyone in the know of what's trending in the kid’s world.

Watch this space…

How exciting, we can’t wait! AND last but not least, can you tell us who your mama style icon?

Aww in the world of Instagram I've meet soo many cool parents so it would so hard to choose a favourite! I share whatever pictures catch my eye on that particular day. Hundreds of kids (of course styled by their parents) have been featured on the website and @kidzootd so you shall have to check them out there.

We don’t know how you keep up with it all! As you said, there are SO many fabulously styled kiddies out there.

Nadine, thank you so much for joining us it has been FAB having you! Keep on doing your thang and we shall look forward to what the near future will bring. As you said, watch this space…

Besos Alegre xox

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