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Ahead of Isossy Children's FIRST London Fashion Week show this Saturday 18th February under the House of Ikons event we have grabbed a quick FAB FIVE with the amazing designer and creator of Isossy Amanda Rabor.

Amanda, Amanda, Am-a-nda! Thank you so much for joining us on Gossip Station! We are so excited to grab five with you as you're about to take part in LFW for the FIRST ever time! Wooooo! How are you feeling and why was now the right time to hit London?

I'm feeling really great about the show! It's so cool to be doing it in London partly because I love the city and it's home! BUT it’s also got a raw energy like no other. I feel more creatively free here and working with Ashlyn has really helped me to bring that feeling to life.

It's so fab that you're participating in this year’s LFW and that Ashlyn Gibson is involved! Have you brought anyone else on board to support you in bringing the show alive?

Yeah, Ashlyn as I just mentioned and always my sister @wowbeaute who's a fabulous make-up artist and creative consultant on all my shows.

I've also got a great PR ;-)

There are some amazing mini models taking part from two great agencies; Tiny Angels and Looks Like Me.

In addition to that we have people in the industry who are really being so supportive. I feel blessed. We've worked so hard this last 18 months so the timing is perfect. I can't wait for more to be revealed post show.

You're definitely right about that! People have been incredibly supportive! As you said, we really are blessed! Ok so the suspense is killing us! Can you reveal any insider info about the show on Saturday?

No.... heehee!

All I can say is that the guest list is a 'who's who' in the kiddies fashion arena. AND working with Ashlyn has contributed a real Isossy eclecticism that only London gives.

We thought that you would say that! BUT we guess that just makes it all the more exciting for Saturday! You’re going to be showing looks from your new up and coming collection ‘passion is play!’ Can you tell us about your inspo for the collection and what can we expect?

Expect the unexpected!! We have 14 looks that will bring that feeling of modern heritage and global diversity to kid’s fashion. It's going to be a unique show.

We are counting down the days! Literally! What’s your secret to staying sane on the day of the show?

It's all about the people. After my NYFW experiences I've learnt a lot. I know what I what and I want to enjoy these AMAZING experiences and people on the day. Of course I get nerves but I don't think too deeply about these things otherwise I'd never do them.

You go gal! All we can say is that we are sending you THE best of vibes and we can't wait to see you killing it on Saturday! We know that it is going to be AMAZING and all of your hard work is going to pay off!

Thank you so much for having us involved!

If you haven't yet purchased a ticket there is still time! Click here or regret it later!

Hasta Sabador 💗

Alegre Besos xox

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