We are super excited to be joined by the ultra fabby Beanie and Bear creator Noya on gossip station for a lil chat with FAB FIVE! After a little break, she launched the NEW fabulous beachwear collection at exclusive venue to Lights of Soho TODAY and we are beyond excited!

So, we are going to stop gassing so we can get to it as we all know that you are itching to find out more!

Noya, such a pleasure as always! Can you tell us what made you choose this super cool venue for your new release?

I LOVE L.O.S! It's a very intimate members' bar in the centre of SOHO that showcases fabulous artwork that uses Neon signage as the primary medium. They also accept commissions and in fact arranged for our Neon Beanie and Bear signage to be made. Neon is a consistent theme in our collections so it made complete sense to launch our new collection there.

Well we LOVE the choice of venue! It not only looks incredible but it has such a cool vibe and atmosphere! Everything which Beanie and Bear is! Where has your inspiration for the new POP Collection come from?

As always, my kids are a constant source of inspiration for what I do. They are the Beanie and the Bear that have given us our brand name after all.

Beanie is hitting a pre-teen phase in a big way and both her and increasingly her brother are getting into pop culture, graphic novels, patches and pins. There's an ever present superhero influence floating around the Bear.

So much flavour and substance to the brand – brilliant! We know it’s a hard question to answer but do you have a favourite item from the new line?

It's really hard to pick out a favourite but if I had to it would be the signature Pop print! I'm really proud of how it's come out.

Coming in very close second is the Lollies print as it looks amazing on the Paloma swimsuit! I'm also really pleased with how the Orange Chevrons come alive on the Finley Bum shorts.

We think we are going to have to go with your second choice! The lollies are out of this world! We just wish they came in our size! Do you think people are going to be surprised by the new collection?

The new collection is totally Beanie and Bear. It expands on many of the design cues that our customers know and love so I'm expecting the reaction to the designs to be excitement and delight more than surprise. We do have a new addition to the family though and that is the Buddy rash vest. It's a unisex SPF50 short sleeve cover up that comes in fabulous colours and stripes with a contrasting trim. The Buddy perfectly complements the rest of the collection. One pleasant surprise for this season is a price reduction that we have managed to achieve without compromising or cutting corners. The quality and fit remains as critical an ingredient for us as the designs.

Well we think that you have just made ALOT of people day with that announcement as we all know how much people LOVE your pieces! Raising the roof with a lot of halleluiahs right now! Do you have anything to reveal for the new season that you can share with us exclusively?

I am really excited about the collaboration’s that are in the pipeline. I can't say much more at this point as I have to keep it under wraps but suffice to say that these collaborations could see our designs expand beyond swimwear.

OH MY!!! Well you just heard it here folks for the FIRST time! Beanie and Bear is taking over in ways that we don’t yet know and that is beyond exciting.

Noya, it has been super duper having you after such a whirlwind of a day! Today was amazing and we hope that everyone LOVE LOVE LOVES the new collection as much as us.

Shop the new Beanie and Bear collection here and share the love.

Besos as always Alegre xox

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