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Over the past year the Little Revolution Magazine ladies have been focusing on other projects but TODAY they are re-launching with an issue which is packed full of fabulous features and editorials! It’s been a whirlwind for creators Danielle Owen and Sarah Lancaster but they are back with a bigger team and a fresh new look! To say we are excited would be an understatement so let’s get to it so we can hear what we have to look forward to.

Welcome back to the fashion bubble ladies! We have missed you on the scene so it is fab to have you back with us! AND you are re-launching TODAY which is super exciting! Can you tell us what has changed and what can we expect from the new issue?

We are so excited to be back and to be able to welcome the new Little Revolution ladies to the ‘fashion bubble’ as you called it! We are really proud of the new issue! It is going to have a whole new look packed full of new features as well as some old faves too!

Ahhh that is so exciting we can’t wait to see the rebranding and are sure that everyone else is chomping on the bit too! We know this is a hard question but we need to ask as you’re immersed in the industry! What are your favourite childrenswear brand(s)?

Oh gosh it is so difficult as we all have individual tastes!!

Danielle: Mine have got to be Billybandit and molo! I love cool catchy designs that have a bit of an edge!

Sarah: I love someday soon! Their slogans and designs are ultra cool for boys!

Tanya: Billieblush because their collections are bright all year round! I just love a bit of colour!

Julie: Little Marc Jacobs! Their collections are super fun for kids and I love the cool graphic prints on the pieces such as the handbags and the binoculars!

Monica: I’m a fan of too many brands! BUT a couple that stand out to me at the moment are Loud Apparel and Birdies and Bearcubs! I love the more irregular, bold slogans, asymmetric lines and colourful prints.

They are all fab choices! As you all said, they are just so many brilliant brands out there! So, tell us, why did you decide to re-brand?

The magazine needed that breath of fresh air so we decided to take on more team members who have given us a brand new dynamic. It’s all super exciting and we just can’t wait to get rolling!

Huge congrats ladies and welcome to your new adventure! We have to ask as it’s a new start etc. Can you tell us what we have to look forward to? Can you reveal any secrets to us?

Ooooh secrets!!!! Hmmmm.... we have some cool collabs coming up but you'll just have to wait and see!

Ooooo the anticipation! Ok we will let you off but we will be watching your every move like hawks! Last but not least what has been the inspiration for the re-launch issue?

We've completely taken it back to basics as our inspiration has been all things organics! We can’t wait to share it with you as the issue is bigger, bolder and fresher! We love it and hope that you all will too!

We can’t wait to see it and are certain that all of your hard work will pay off! Ladies, so great having you for an exclusive chinwag before your launch today! We are sending you THE best of vibes and not that you need it but we are wishing you all the best of luck! You will kill it <3

The new issue will launch TODAY so please make sure you share the Little Revolution LOVE.

Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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