Safety First

Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, bright skies and tropical temperatures are the dream combination but with that comes the risk of sun damage. So, in order to reduce that risk so you can still have a blast on your hollibobs we recommend you take action and think of your safety.

Sun cream is an absolute must! Why not opt for Green People UK's organic lotion which is natural and friendly for your mini's skin.

Before, rash vests may have not been considered as stylish but now they are super cool and come in THE most fab styles and prints that you just can't help but love them. Rock them with a pair of frilly bums or iconic shorts and you will be the ultimate beach boy or girl BABE. Here are some of our suggestions of different mix ups to keep you wonderful people safe and protected <3

Have you ever seen such wicked fashion pieces which keep your minis safe and protected? Just remember...being safe doesn't mean being boring! Invest in some super fab items and be the ultimate BEACH BABE.

Shop the above brands via the links below and see molo's latest summer mag right here for summer inspo.

Besos Alegre xox

Brands above: Beanie & Bear,Little Hotdog Watson, molo

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