In the lead up to our AW17 press day, we are joined by the lovely Delphine Lescallier who is the founder of French children’s cosmetic brand Rosajou. We think that the brand is absolutely adorable and after coming across them on social media and reaching out to them, they very kindly opted to collaborate with us for our press day ! So you know what that means don ‘t you? Oh YES!! Their fabby products will be present for the event which is uber exciting for us! BUT first, let’s get to #gossipstation with FAB FIVE from Delphine.

Bonjour Delphine, thank you so much for joining us for a chat! So, as we just briefly mentioned, we understand that your background is cosmetics! BUT please tell us, why did you decide to focus on cosmetics for kids?

Bonjour! Thank you for having me! Yes of course…

Lots of little girl’s dream of borrowing make-up off of their mother but there are only a few who accept in lending them their products which are not adapted to children’s skin or opt in buying them beauty boxes from a toy store where the quality is appalling.

I came up with Rosajou due to lack of cosmetics that were on offer for kids. Not only was there a gap in the market but I learned that creating products for children is a lot more fun ;-)

Last but not least, my daughter! Camille was 6 when I had the idea of Rosajou. She is very flirtatious and has asked me to put nail polish on her since she was 2 years old. Watching her grow and evolve has inspired me a lot and it is also for her that I create the Rosajou products.

It’s incredible how much the beauty and fashion industry for kids is growing! Before, it was almost forgetten about but now it is such an exciting time to be in the industry. Can you tell us about Rosajou and it’s ethos…

Our legit motif is the game before anything else. It’s not about transforming our girls into our ‘Mini Mes’ as that is out of the question for us. The goal of Rosajou is to allow little girls to play with safe and healthy products and that she has fun whilst doing so.

Rosajou was conceived for use in this context: the game, the party.

That’s such a nice way of putting it! We understand that your products are aimed at 2 – 10 year olds! Following on from what you’ve just said, what would you say to people who say that this is too young of an age to play with make-up? Do you think you are ever to young to take an interest in the beauty world?

It's never too early to have fun! Since Rosajou is a range of products to play, there is no age to begin with.

That is so true…you are never to young to have fun! We understand that you produce and manufacture all of your products within France, why is that?

Since Rosajou is a French brand, it seems to me logical to make production as close as possible. It is important for me to know my suppliers, to be able to visit them, to see the working conditions and to check the quality at each stage. And then as a manufacturer in France, I'm sure of the quality.

Finally, I surrounded myself with French laboratories that I already knew and in whom I had great confidence. It is therefore quite naturally that I decided to entrust to them the manufacture.

We completely agree! When you have confidence in someone and you are happy in the way in which they work, it is then hard to then change! Last but not least, why should someone invest in Rosajou products? Can you tell us what makes you different…

Our aim is that the girls have fun with the make-up, try colours and play. There is no limit with Rosajou as you feel safe unlike with other brands which you can sometimes make feel nervous for your kids to experiment with.

Our big difference is with the peel off nail polishes which are water-resistant and very fun to remove. The fragrance was specially created for Rosajou by a nose of Grasse! We have a fabulous range of pepsy colours and are the first to propose everything so that we can make pretty.

We are still full of ideas on our exciting journey so watch this space.

We can’t wait to see them all unfold! Thank you so much for joining us and for being a part of our up and coming press day we can’t thank you enough! We can’t wait for the guests to see your super fabby products which can be shopped online here

Besos Alegre xox

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