We absolutely LOVE a party so it is super exciting for us to be joined by the fabulous Hello Party who provide unique range of stylish products to help make your party that extra little bit special! AND what makes it even better is that they are collaborating with us for our up and coming AW17 press day! So, in the lead up to the big day, we thought we would grab FAB FIVE with them to find out a little bit more…

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about Hello Party…

Hi everyone and thank you for having us! Hello Party was conceived in 2014 after hosting, what we think was the best, 50th birthday party ever! Calling upon our experience and skills in the graphic design and print worlds we decided to make this party a party to remember. Using old and new photos, we created a series of mounted posters and banners for the party host. We decked the walls of the party venue, added some glitz and glitter and waited for the guests to arrive. The posters, banners and party styling created such a buzz and atmosphere at the party that we instantly had the simple and visionary idea to help other people do the same. This is when Hello Party was born.

That’s amazing!! What a fabulous way to have started! So tell us, what makes you different from other party suppliers?

Celebrating life's moments big and small is what makes the world go around! Our aim is simple…We believe that everyone can throw a beautiful, stylish and colourful party regardless of the size of the guest list or the budget. The main thing that sets us apart from other party suppliers are our unique and super popular personalised party posters, banners and bunting. Perfect for any celebration, it’s so easy, just choose a theme, upload your photos and words and we will do the rest. Personalised party styling to make your celebration stand out!

Oh we just love that and your motto! All we can say to our readers is that the press day involves a personalised banner from your fabulous selves so everyone is in for a treat! We have seen that you’ve been featured in some wonderful publications. Can you please tell us how do you go about selecting your products?

We are big fans of all things cool and original! Our never ending quest for cool has become a bit of an obsession. We search the world for the latest trends and the most stylish, contemporary, party decorations and accessories we can find. Only selecting those that we feel will make your celebrations extraordinary! When you combine these accessories with a little bit of love and a few family and friends, you really do have all you need to make your party perfect.

Isn’t that the truth? If you could VM anyone’s event and/or party who would you choose?

Simple and a bit corny but the answer would have to be one of my children. Birthday parties especially are a great boost for any little ones self-esteem and making them feel special for the day is one of the best and most memorable gifts that you can give them. Working in the party business is quite a big help too!

That is such a lovely answer and we bet you are a fave amongst your children’s friends! As you said, a gorgeous visual party can be the most magical experience! We know that this is a hard question but what is your ultimate favourite party accessory?

Wow! Now, that is a difficult question to answer. After much head scratching, I would probably have to say our party tassel garlands. They come in a variety of colours and colour combinations and instantly add a party feel where ever you hang them. They are so versatile….you can dress them up or down! Use them as a tassel garland, combine them with pretty paper fans or honeycomb balls or even use them as a colourful tassel tails for big and beautiful balloons.

Now that is a good choice as we do love a colourful garland! Like you said, they are super versatile and look FAB! Guys, thank you so so much for joining us! It has been amazing to chat and learn more about you! All we can say is that…HELLO PARTY we are SO ready to PARTY Alegre style.

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Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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