Vicki Psarias is a super duper #Mumboss who has an incredible background and wealth of experience. You may know her from her mutli award winning blog Honest Mum where she shares her lifestyle to her very large social following. On top of her very hectic schedule, Vicki is also preparing for her first EVER book launch which is due to launch in March 2018! Ahead of the craziness, we decided to grab this incredible lady for a chat to see just how she juggles work, motherhood and all the rest!

Vicki, thank you so much for taking the time to join us! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

Hello everyone! I'm a blogger and vlogger at honestmum which is my parenting and lifestyle site which I set up in 2010 whilst on maternity leave. I was a multi-award winning TV Director and film maker before having my first son Oliver and my digital career was an accidental one but I love it fiercely. I adore sharing my life and loves via my blog and social channels and I love the brands I work with. I have also just finished the first draft of my debut book #Mumboss published by Piatkus/Little Brown, which is out in March 2018.

All we can say is WOW! How on earth do you keep tabs on everything?! Ok, so tell us, how did you get in to the world of media?

After gaining a distinction in Drama and Direction at Goldsmiths, University of London, with my MA short film Rifts winning awards all over the world, I worked freelance for Redbus (now Lionsgate) before going freelance as a director, directing and producing drama, docs, music videos and fashion films. I also edited a quarterly film magazine called Film & Festivals managing 15 writers. The media is all I know and love.

There’s nothing better other than doing something that you love! How does it feel to be regarded as one of the biggest blogs worldwide?

A bit crazy in all honesty!

It is such an achievement!! So, you’re due to launch a book in 2018! Woah how amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about this?

Mumboss is a manifesto on how to survive and thrive at work and at home. It shares my own journey as well as everything I know and have learnt blogging and vlogging in 6 1/2 years. I hope it inspires many to seize this democratic, nourishing and liberating online world.

We have a feeling it is going to be a winner! AND last but not least, what is your secret to being a #mumboss? How do you manage it all?

A rock of a husband, Peter. He is an incredible manager in Neil Ransome. Also, friends and family who keep me sane. I practice self-care too (hello yoga), eat well and simply love what I do. I work hard and am always led by passion. When you listen to your gut and follow your dreams, you feel content so can't 'fail' in the traditional sense. My priority is to help others. That's the greatest reward to me. Someone stopping me on the street and saying I've inspired them to change their life. It blows me away.

We love your positivity and we too are big yoga fans! After that mini response we have goosebumps so we can’t even imagine what to expect with your book! All we can say is that we are super excited for the launch and will be sending you THE best of Alegre vibes.

Thank you so much again Vicki, you are a true inspo!

Check out Vicki’s fabby blog here and follow her news via social media.

Alegre Besos xox

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